Best Of Both Worlds (Part3)

•••the two girls were talking to me but not to themselves. Aargh! I got tired of been at the middle. •••

So I decided to go and buy the noodles.

I got money from my purse, told them I’d be back in 5mins, that I wanted to go downstairs and get noodles and egg to cook for us three.

On my way out, I slipped the key into my pocket.
Got out of the room and locked the door with key (silently though).

I sent both of them each a text message telling them that I had locked them inside and that I won’t open the door until they either kill themselves or they settle. I didn’t care how long it took.

••i went to a friend’s room in the same hostel though to wait••

I later heard that…
¤The laptop Fox was using to watch film died, Jo finally finished the book she had been to reading for 2mnths now. So with nothing to do, they fell asleep, woke up and I wasn’t still ready to get them out.
After a while, they became very hungry, Jo soaked garri for herself, Fox did too.
Then they slept again (still without a word to each other).
Jo woke up first, by then, PHCN had brought the light, so she carried the laptop and started watching film.

Fox woke up and got pissed Jo carried the laptop. An argument ensued, Fox was like she has the right to the computer because she was the one using it before they slept. Jo said, it was not with anybody when she carried it.
The argument got more intense, pillows started flying, eventually ‘their issue’ came up. In the process of talking about it, they fought (no broken bones sha) and then settled (after 10hours of locking them in the room. Whew!)

I came back after an hour of begging from both of them( I needed to form small na).
Mehn! When I saw my room, I almost collapsed. It was a total mess (the terrible thing was I had taken time to arrange it that morning).
I somehow managed to maneuver myself and the room key outside again, forcing them to arrange my room (Yes of cause! They can’t give me that kind of extra work na Haba!)

Yeahah! We became ‘three friends’ again.
They now even became closer, so I’m now the other friend. (#issorai).

Thank God though, I was able to get the best of both worlds again(intact n intimate).


3 thoughts on “Best Of Both Worlds (Part3)

  1. How nice…
    I should try this same tactics with two *not so close* friends of mine sha.
    But if they dare scatter my room(that I hardly arrange then when I finally arrange…….) I’ll just kill som1…
    Great wisdom!

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