God works Through Us

Ephesians 3:20 says “Unto him, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think, according to the power that is at work within us”.

In my Tender years of Christianity, this scripture made me dance as I got to realise that God is able to do super exceedingly abundantly above whatsoever I could ever ask of him and what I could ever think and imagine. It meant that (still means that) nothing is impossible with God (luke 1:37) and it confirms that God will grant my request as far as I ask in HIS name (John 14:13).
So, I kept it in mind and always reminded God of that scripture when I was praying in request for something. But, then I realised that he didn’t always grant my requests. Why? I kept wondering. Afterall, I pray according to His will (I hope) and in His Name. As a result of this dilemma I got angry at God at times, asking Why he isn’t fulfilling his promises and scriptures in my life.
Today, I got my answer.

Somehow, along the line I always expected a Miracle, I just expected it to drop from heaven, I really didn’t give God the opportunity to grant my request.

Today, I was studying the bible when I came across Ephesians 3:20 again and this time, I got a shocker.
That verse says “Unto him (God), who is able to do Exceedingly abundantly above all We can ever ask or think| ACCORDING to The POWER at Work WITHIN US (Me and You)”.
Oh my God!
So, God works according to the Power he has already deposited in Us. In other words, He uses Us (those IN christ, that Trust completely and have surrendered to God) to do exceedingly abundantly. God works Through Us. He uses People Me, You, My Pastor, Your General Overseer, Your mentor, My Role model to fulfil purpose and to do miracles.

Immediately my mind started working and I got to realise that, God doesn’t just Do things, He does Things through people.
He heals through people – one prays for someone and the sick person gets healed, Or You pray for yourself and Put yourself and your Total Faith in God and He see’s the content of your heart, your faith or/and someone else’s and Heals you.
You Ask for money and posperity – He imprints on your willing and surrendered heart Ideas, and people to help make your dream come through.
Salvation is birthed By hearing the Gospel -even when you have prayed for a friend or a family member to be saved, the person never gets saved until he Hears The Word of God (Until someone Preaches to him).
See, “Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing the (preached or Read) word of God” (Rom 10:17 paraphrased).

It all has to do with Us, making an effort. Not just praying or wishing something happens but by Deliberating opening ourselves up to get an Answer.
Lackadaisical attitude doesn’t work with God – you pray and then relax? No!
He Uses You to answer your prayers or he uses someone else to answer your prayers.
He works According to the power At work in us. He works according to our Faith, Our knowledge of The truth (His word – gotten through Studying), Our willingness to be helped by others and Our believe in His Ministers.
It doesn’t just happen.
Nothing happens by accident.
Miracles happen to those who have entrusted their lives and issues to God, Who have decided to provoke that Power In them.
God works In us, via the Power, the Spirit in us gotten through our fellowship In and With Christ.