Moments that change lives

I don’t know the exact moment my life changed. Was it when I was at home giving my colleagues ideas on some ish? Or was it when I became the mediator between my colleagues and our boss? Or was it when I woke up that monday morning and realised,  I was really at the summit? Or was when it i was chosen to lead that little group even though i protested against it? Maybe it was when I unconsciously took up the responsibility to get my group (go team Red, hehe) in place so we could get to work or maybe it was when my group officially made me the leader or maybe it was when I got up on stage and began the presentation or maybe it was day that, over a year ago at a seminar where I met Alex and he gave him his card or just maybe it the day I finally put all efforts in sending my application or maybe it was that day over two years ago when I met Ejay because but for Ejay I wouldnt have gone for the meeting point and i wouldnt have met alex and I probably wouldn’t be writing this.

Anyway, whatever moment changed me isnt as important as the fact that I’m changed and its for the better.

And so, here am I laying on my bed and thinking of how far i have come. From being ordinary to knowing and believing in my potentials. From being shy to being confident. From being afraid to lead to unconsciously taking up responsibility. From having stage fright even during the action to believing I can do anything,  face anything if only I prepare hard.

I look back on that 16year old who thought her life was determined by her school result. I look back at that angry and hurt little girl who thought there would always be a void in her and she’d remained dysfunctional.  I look back to that teenager who felt she had no gift or talent, she felt she couldn’t do anything well. I look back at that young girl who loved and got hurt, that girl who began to question God and herself, who felt she was something she actually wasn’t. As I look back at that girl, I smile cause I know that the weight I feel in my chest right now is one of unquestionable joy. I smile because that girl is no more, she has grown,  she has evolved.

She knows now that school result or what you study in school doesn’t have to determine your fate. She has found God and He has healed her, helped her forgive and most importantly filled the void in her life. Today, she believes so much in herself, she knows she got special abilities and gifts, she knows she has a unique purpose, she believes in herself.
That girl loved and lost but also she learnt. Its amazing how she picked lessons from her sour experiences and forged ahead.
Today, that young girl is amazingly amazing and she knows that she can be anything she wants to be and that with God her future is shiny bright.

That young girl is me and as I write this I still wonder when my life took a new turn. I kind of believe it was that day 27months ago when I became friends with her but also I believe it was that moment when I landed at kotoka airport in accra, cause it was at that moment I truly came out of myself,  dropped my shyness and embraced new possibilities. At that very moment, I knew I was actually going to make my mum and myself proud. It was at that moment I broke my mental walls.

And so, I lay on my bed with my mind swimming in ideas, my heart beating in anticipation, my soul asking for courage and strength amd favour from God whilst my hand is typing away trying to tell you that there is more inside of you. You are so much more than you think and when you allow yourself dream and take that first step, you will be astonished at what you are capable of.
I’m trying to tell you that



So, embrace opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Don’t be scared to ask for help. Dont be afraid to try out new things or apply for a new job or that scholarship or that responsibility. Don’t keep yourself locked in. Explore.  Try, Try, Try again, keep trying until you get it.

There’s so much more inside of you. Look within.  Explore you, embrace you.

Whatever moment or moments made me feel as I’m feeling now isnt truly as important as how I actually feel now. Its that feeling you get when you finally realise ‘you can do it’. I hope oneday each and everyone of you reading this will have this certainty in a bright future and a forever faithful God.


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