the best relationships are the ones that begin with friendship

Every time a random guy walks up to me and tells me he loves me,I just want to slap him. I cant fathom why a guy who I don’t know would expect me to fall right into his arms simply because he tells me he loves me. Like, its so lame, walking up to someone you don’t know so much and asking the person to date you. Yes,I know people do fall in love at first sight,I do also know its rare but in those rare cases it doesn’t make sense to go straight to that person and propose.
I feel you have to get the person first,cultivate friendship,get to know each other before you begin dating. I am certain that if relationships begin with friendship they would last longer,break ups would reduce and so would divorce.
So for all the guys out there who have a habit of asking girls out when u don’t know much about them,please do refrain from this act. Start with friendship,get to know yourselves,doing so you’d know the person’s flaws and strengths,you’d discover if you are really in love or not.
The best relationships are the ones that start with friendship,genuine friendship.


do people change?

Do people really change?
I know I am not the same person I was last month,I am definitely not the same person I was last year. Does that mean I changed? I like to think I grew not change, I am still the same person just a smarter,wiser,older and more enlightened and more exposed version of the formal Me. I didn’t become a whole new different person(I didn’t change) I just started knowing what I really want and started going for it,I started making decisions by myself,I started making choices,I became better in deciphering good and bad. I started choosing my friends and not letting my friends choose me. I realized that I had to lose some things to gain other things, I learnt the skill of letting go and holding,I got to realize the kind of things to let go and those to hold on. I realized some things and some people are just phases,I learnt how to act,I developed my etiquettes.
Yes! I didn’t change I just grew, I just became better.
For me, people don’t change,they just bring out their inner being-good or bad. They just become better or worse. Deep down somewhere the people we say have changed still have those characteristics we knew them for initially. Only maybe they exhibit them in a different manner now.
Nobody remains the same,due to age,environment,friends etc but still nobody changes completely


a little about school life

When I walkd into class this morning,my face couldn’t help lightening up with Joy and that’s because for the first time this semester I got to class before a lecturer came teaching,shoot! I even got to class and found a place to sit at the front. #soCool.
Well, its not like I am a perpetual late comer to class but most times these days I find it hard to get up from bed and when I eventually do,it takes me a lot of strength and use of will to start getting ready for school. So being able to do so today and get to class very early called for celebration.
I was already thinking about how I was gonna mark this remarkable day when my class rep announced that classes for today were cancelled cause of orientation that’s holding for fresh students. “Shit! This is nasty mehn” I thought to myself. I just can’t believe my struggle to be highly punctual today is in vain. #sighs.
See, its days like this that make want to take my time in getting ready for school everyday.
Hahhaah! I’m currently shaking my head for myself lol. Reason being that I know that they are students who go to class everyday at least 30mins before class is supposed to start undermining the fact that classes may not hold at times for one reason or the other. Well, in my book, those are the very serious students. NOTE: I used the words very serious because I am a serious student(not very serious but serious all the same… You grab?).
Tsek, now I got to back to my hostel,only I have nothing to do there because my roommates have gone to class.

Before I stop writing,let me beg all students who are gonna read this not to mind me oo. They should always strive to be very serious students,go to class early,do all and every assignments,attend n participate in all practicals. Just be a good student.


Writer’s Block

-I keep trying to write stuffs
-I start an article only to get stucked after the first paragraph
-I have so much to say,only i don’t know how to put them down
-My head is full and yet i my pen cant put anything down

-So much in my head,so much on my mind
I’m cut between worlds

-I want to keep going but i see no path
-I’m lost in thoughts yet i cant think
-Everything is blurry,everything seems to bright
-I cant look but i can see
-I’m hearing but i’m hardly listening

-The gloom is more now
-The ditch is widening
-I feel myself going down
-My hands are stretched out,
whose going to pull me up
-My mind is blank
My head is full
-holding on tight,
waiting for the night to pass
but i see no sign of light

-I just want to write
but …

*Its called writers block and oh yes! It sucks.


I need complete understanding… … Yippee,i have found IT

This is one of those days i sit with eyes full of tears,wondering why people misunderstand me.
So i know it’s human nature to act before weighing the options, to talk before thinking.
I know not everyone is as insightful,not everyone knows how to give the benefit of a doubt, oh! I knw most humans are selfish and think only of themselves.
I know the flaws but it doesn’t make it easier to bear.
I just want someone to get the exact point i’m trying to make,not the one they think i am making. I want someone, anyone to look beyond surface and see the real ish,get the real meaning. I want someone to really see the efforts i’m making and appreciate me. I want someone to understand me a little more,to give me d benefit of a doubt when everyone else sees my wrongs.
I want someone to care without expecting something in return.
Definately i want a life free of complications.
I want smooth,i want cute,i want free,i want Understanding.
Could someone care enough to want to know the very realest me?

Well,technically i might never find that someone amongst humans. Shoot! I’m not even certain i can be that someone to somebody else.
So even though,i feel terrible at times due to lack of complete understanding,i console myself with the fact that no one is perfect. We are all imperfect beings with lots of flaws buh most importantly i’d always console myself with the fact that,i have that someone in Christ Jesus.
Oh Yes! I may not find solace and understanding in humans but i will always get it and more in Jesus.
It’s awesome to know that he knows me more than i know myself. shoot! The guy knew me before i was even born. He is the one that knows my deepest innermost needs and he is the only one who can fulfill those needs.
The most beautiful thing about a relationship with Christ is, u don’t always need to voice out ur feelings,he knows you inside and out,he knows what u feeling before you realise you are feeling that way,he knows what you need before you do.
He is that someone that cares and loves utterly without wanting something else in return.
He is that someone that would be your friend when you are not his.
He is just an awesome person,too awesome too ignore.

For you all who feel you got no one you can completely trust,who feel you got no one who’d always be there.
Here’s a good news – Jesus. He’d never leave you nor forsake you.
Jesus- he is that someone.


not everything last forever. somethings and some people are just phases. we should learn to let go,to treasure memories,to learn from experiences. PS: not all goodbyes have to be sad


true, we by ourselves should define us and not let anyone else define us. we are the author of our book,d artist of our painting. lets not let anyone else tell us how to leave. we are unique

This Is Life.

I had a teacher in middle school who used to say the only thing in life we have to do, is die.

As a kid, it’s unknowingly easier to understand this concept. Rather than do things because we feel we have to, for the most part we do them because we want to. We dream of becoming an astronaut, ballerina, or movie star, and unaware of the “realities” of life, believe that one day we will achieve these dreams.

As we get older however, we’re bombarded with distractions–from the media, our jobs, our teachers, even our families–that make us believe these dreams are made for someone else–that they’re too outrageous and unachievable for ourselves. And before we know it, we find ourselves swept up in the trivial things we do day to day. Waking up on time, getting to class or work, running errands, watching TV, making dinner. Suddenly, it’s…

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