Battle of Love!

-There are wars that you fight and
struggle to win
There are wars that you fight with
ease and victory stays certain.

-But this isn’t one of them, As victory
on my side is defeat to us
and letting you win means i lose you

-We fight and we fight yet we would not
end because we neither hope for a
winner or a loser

-This battle has taken all i have,
struggling and struggling over the

-I don’t wanna lose you yet having you
is a possession i can’t afford
and when ever i run away, i moon run
straight into you

-The hardest thing seems to be the only
right thing for me

-I guess there are certain people you
keep coming back to

-No matter how much they hurt you
they seem to be your only joy

-Looking and searching for another that
would have your heart
YET it must first be stolen from the one
who holds your heart – real close to

-Trust me, i know, i understand but i
must fight to my last breathe
AS this painful joy is all i have to fight

-If i had a better way i most certainly
will not take it, what then does that
make me? A fool?

-Yea! Love’s fool and lust’s prisoner…
I hate this!!!

I hate you but More So I love you

-I’m quite sure that even in this puzzle
and maze, that my soul is Drowned In somehow and some way

-I can trust that, i will not be
forever lost in this battlefield
Either I die in the end or I survive it

-This is my cause, my curse.

Justice Eneje