Best of Both Worlds (part2)

How do I get them back as friends? How do I make them realise I don’t love anybody more? How do I balance it?
This questions left me perplexed.
I walked for over an hour 45mins before getting to my hostel and I couldn’t get a concrete answer to those questions.

I got to my room with same ish I left with.
My roomies had calmed down though,thank God.

Well, I made sure I got out of that depressed state – It wasn’t helping me or them(my two friends) in any way.

I kept shuttling between both girls – it got easier though as I constantly made effort in ignoring their individual nags.

I was alone in my room, when my doorbell rang. Lo and behold it was Fox,one of my two friends. I was really happy to see her as boredom was already choking me.
We got gisting, then we watched film, after awhile she said she was hungry and wanted to eat indomie and nothing else. I didn’t have noodles nor egg so I had to go downstairs to buy them.
As I stood up to go buy them, my doorbell rang once again. I thought my it was my roommate(s) but I was wrong.

I opened the door to find out it was Jo (my other friend),
“oh God” I thought to myself, “these girls would either kill me or kill themselves today”…
“Jopesi, I dey hungry o, u get food?” Jo asked.
Before, I could answer she was already in the room.
She saw Fox and OH MY, her expression changed immediately and Lord knows it wasn’t sexy. I swear, I got scared. I started praying that one (or both) of them would decide to leave (‘Lai lai’ it didn’t happen).

Jo sat. “Oya, Jo-pe-si gimme food”
“Wetin you wan chop?”
“iono oo”.
“Oya dey think, if you think finish tell me”

•••meanwhile, Fox was just there, still watching film•••

“Jopesi,Go and buy my noodles na” Fox said.
“oh! Yea ryt!”

•••the two girls were talking to me but not to themselves. Aargh! I got tired of been at the middle. •••

So I decided to go and buy the noodles.

To be continued…


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