i’m with you -Anytime;Everytime

When you need a shoulder to cry on,
Remember that i have a warm embrace
Ready to offer comfort

When you think life is being too tough,
Remember that which does not kill you
Only makes you stronger

When you need a friend to listen,
Remember that i am here for you
Anytime; Everytime

When you doubt me,
Remember I became sin for you
When I knew no sin

When you lose faith in yourself
Remember that i never did,
Nor never will.

I’m with you,
Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

Your Friend Always


…Gone sour

•… There was a fight the other day
It felt good
Yeah! Jealousy means “Care’s and Love’s”
I felt Loved
Yeah! It’s okay to be mad,
If u feel I ain’t reciprocating as I ought•

•I want to make you happy,
I don’t want to hurt you,
Or make you feel less
I need you to be good with me,
I need to be a reason for your smiles,
Not an anger incentive•


•Today, it all went away.
Today, I got stabbed in my heart.
Today, it all felt wasted.
Today, I got wounded.•

•Your words made me feel bad,
Your words stimulated anger,
Is it not appreciated?
Is it not seen?
Really, You don’t feel it?
Seriously, you don’t know it?•


•I love you more than everyone else.
It’s cuts sharply when you insinuate something else.

Everyone else is jealous of you.
Makes me wonder why u get jealous of them •shrugs• •

I don’t how you want it


Today is A DATE in History.

…The Day you defined our relationship.
•Mentorship you said•

How could you feel that’s what is keeping me with you? •Kai! You said this one sha

It’s okay! No it’s not! •cries•

U sound like, nothing I’d say or do would erase that thought, So …

•but since you couldn’t read the messages on the wall… *zips mouth*•

It’s not okay for you to feel that way!

My fault for making you feel that way?
Your fault for misreading?
•Don’t care•

Your words though!!!
I Love you still…


My Love!!!

•I know we’ve never met face to face, but
somehow i feel i know you.•

-How our lives cross through the cosmos
and the events around us seem to unite,

-Is this fate? Or one of those things you
experience in a crossroad?

-I pick Fate. She’s one tricky lady but i can
sure bet she knows where our Peace lies.

And once we find peace, success would
surely follow and come along with

-Somehow i lost them, but knowing you are
putting an eye out for me means there’s
hope for me Yet.

-I can only pray that i do not hurt you as
i’ve do all that come my way.

But then again, i’m already making you put
out an eye for me.

-I do appreciate knowing you – For who you
are and what we have.

-A relationship quite different from other
relationships yet showing how relationships should be.

Not judged by what we look like or how
we sound or what we have or don’t have.

-There are precious stones for give-away
and there are precious to cling onto as the
Gollum would.

•I guess i found mine somehow, someway – though i know not where she is.•

-But i hear her name being whispered to
my ears, in the dark of night as the wind
slowly howls.

Just as the wolf howls to its long lost love
a full moon away, not knowing if he will
ever meet her.

-I write this, hoping the wind would take
this to where you are.

-I thank you for the strength that you are.
-I am grateful for the courage that you give to me.

-And i dare say i love you, without any
reason, though with deep reasoning given
Unto it.


Battle of Love!

-There are wars that you fight and
struggle to win
There are wars that you fight with
ease and victory stays certain.

-But this isn’t one of them, As victory
on my side is defeat to us
and letting you win means i lose you

-We fight and we fight yet we would not
end because we neither hope for a
winner or a loser

-This battle has taken all i have,
struggling and struggling over the

-I don’t wanna lose you yet having you
is a possession i can’t afford
and when ever i run away, i moon run
straight into you

-The hardest thing seems to be the only
right thing for me

-I guess there are certain people you
keep coming back to

-No matter how much they hurt you
they seem to be your only joy

-Looking and searching for another that
would have your heart
YET it must first be stolen from the one
who holds your heart – real close to

-Trust me, i know, i understand but i
must fight to my last breathe
AS this painful joy is all i have to fight

-If i had a better way i most certainly
will not take it, what then does that
make me? A fool?

-Yea! Love’s fool and lust’s prisoner…
I hate this!!!

I hate you but More So I love you

-I’m quite sure that even in this puzzle
and maze, that my soul is Drowned In somehow and some way

-I can trust that, i will not be
forever lost in this battlefield
Either I die in the end or I survive it

-This is my cause, my curse.

Justice Eneje


I am Me

I am me…
What you see…
A decoy.
My destiny has things laid on a platter.
I choose me happiness for keeps.
So when you see me reel in laughter,
Know it’s cos there’s excess in my lips.

I am me…
In between.
Like a bee…
I’ve got no sting.
I’m a double edged sword.
So dangerously blunt.
I stand by my word.
An equivocal stunt.

I am me…
I am glee…
Existing in feint.
I dissemble, dissimulate;
I shield, shelter, and shell.
While I my outward create,
I am me in my inwardly self.

I am me…
Who I choose to be.
I am me…

By Erkison Odih


I’m In Love

I wake up Each morning with you in my thoughts.
I sleep only after you have spent a minute (or two), sometimes An Hour (or two) in my thoughts.
My day always has you as an integral part.
My thoughts always comes right back to you.

My past looks wasted because you weren’t in it.
My presence is never whole without you in it.
My Future looks bleak without you in it.

My deepest Down’s are caused by you.
My highest Up’s are caused by you.
My most annoying Frown’s are caused by you.
My most genuine smiles are caused by you.

When life tends to be in circles, you become my circumference.
When life goes really straight, you are like my parallel.
In it all, I find you somewhere.

I wonder how we got here.
Few months ago, if I was told You’d mean this much to me, I’d have strongly disagreed.
I don’t how I could Love You this much.

The depth of my attraction for you WOW’s me!
The intensity of my passion towards and For You is scary!

Dealing with you is …
Coping with you is …
Loving you, has been …
Yea! Yea! You make me lost for words.

I don’t know if this thing we have would last forever,
But I know I’d love you forever.
We might not be there for each other at the long run,
But Distance and schedule won’t take my love away.

We have had times, Good and Bad alike.
We have made memories and memories (Oh! Some memories tho! *clears throat*).
… Things that have Stuck for eternity.

Sweets! I don’t how tomorrow would be for us.
I do know that somewhere along the line, Some things would stop.
Buh, I know That’s it’s you and this is a love that won’t ever quench.

I’m IN LOVE with you.
I can’t say confidently, that I like it but I know I can’t Help it.


you are no Mistake

This poem is by RUSSELL KELFER.
It made lots of sense to me, so I decided to share it with you. It give me a new revelation and has imprinted deeply in my spirit. Know I know that GOD doesn’t make Mistakes. He knows All. He knows everything about me and has allowed everything that has happened to me happen for a reason (His reason).


You are who you are for a reason
You’re part of an intricate plan
You’re a precious and perfect unique design,
Called God’s special Man or Woman.

You look like you look for a reason
Our God made no Mistake
He knit you together within the womb,
You’re just what he wanted to make.

The parents you had were the ones he chose,
And no matter how you may feel,
They were custom-designed with God’s plan in mind,
And they bear the master’s seal.

No, that trauma you faced was not easy.
And God wept that it hurt you so;
But it was allowed to shape your heart
So that into his likeness you’d grow.

You are who you are for a reason,
You’ve been formed by Master’s rod.
You are who you are, Beloved,