Apology to my bestie

Apology to one of the most important, special and precious persons in my life.
I failed her… I wasn’t there when she needed me. I let her down. I let our friendship down.
I’m supposed to be her bestie and the one she can tell anything and everything, the one who understands her and remembers every tiny detail about her but this One I 4got, dis one I didn’t mention.
I can’t say I know how she feels, cause I don’t but I know I wronged her.
Please help me pray she forgives. Help me pray her strength never eludes her, Help me pray she finds peace and help me pray she remembers Its only God that never forsakes.
Help me BEG oo, cause now I feel deaded.


•I want to say a lot but I don’t know how so I’d just Pray for you instead•
Be gud love•

Dear Jay,

I try to there everytime someone needs me,everytime YOU need, but most of the time I fail.
This time I have ‘miserably’ failed and if you don’t love me as much anymore or at all, its ok because I failed you.
I realise now that I am not a reliable person.
I am trynna work on Me, improve so I could be the best For me, For mumsi, For YOU, for everyone. Each new step improves me and sometimes gets me so engrossed that I 4get the peeps I’m doing it for – like you.

May 13th, its not just an important day in your life, Its also an important day in mine. I hear May 13th and I remember Mrs veronica Mene, But this year it skipped me( well not totally, I remembered at a point but when I looked at you I saw strength and I didn’t want to spoil your day, Biggest mistake in awhile).
I’m sorry (I dnt know if it makes any difference but I am sorry).

When I saw you this morning, I knew something had twitched, when I ‘mistakenly opened ur jotter’ I knew I had died and I jes offed.
“Typical me”,I let you be cause I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how you’d react, thinking now… I’m pretty sure I made a mistake.

I’m full of mistakes.. Typical me… I pray, still praying I become better.

I just saw ur PM, and I’m happy..
You stronger.. Stronger than if I had been there to help out in the first place.
You closer and in a way, I feel You understand things better now and that truly you might have found peace.

I’m supposed to be ur happy ending but I think I make it always miserable… •I’m not good/worthy enough to be your best friend (I mean that)•

Trying not to preach… But always remember that God will never give you more than you can handle and oh yes! He will never leave nor forsake you NEVER!!

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.
I hope I don’t repeat it again… (I truly won’t 4get d date again n when I remember no matter how strong you look, I’d say something) Bless you.

Forgive me please.
Love Always you anyways….

I’m sorry. Truly.

Yours in heart


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