Best Rapper

First of I’m a Rapper, I think I’m the BEST, hear me out

But that aside, I sometimes wonder who the best rapper is. I get so BLINDED by LOVE for my FAVOURITE RAPPERS that I see them as being bests but then again if they weren’t bests they wouldn’t be amongst my favourites. I’ll make this really short and simple.
What is your bone of contention when deciding who the best rapper is?! Is it Charisma? Style? how fast he spits? how deep his lyrics is? (who really can measure the DEPTH when comparing?) how witty the flow is? his pun and punch lines? his money and success? His delivery? What exactly is the bone of contention?! When people choose the best rappers, they pick from the famous ones which means SUCCESS is a criteria when picking cause trust me THE BEST RAPPERS ARE ON THE STREETS HUNGRY FOR FAME.
Every rapper is entitled his EGO, how you see yourself really. And it is normal for every rapper to think he is the best reasonably in their songs and not really on social Medias and interviews.
However most rappers know deep down they are so FAR FROM THE BEST AND THEY ARE EVEN SCARED to say it. I’m tempted to share my own opinion on who the best rapper is or who the best rappers are but I feel I might be disrespectful. Moreover Rap Heads and Hip Hop lovers already know this. Some people are rated among the best rappers only because they are pioneers. People feel they owe them respect.

Your favorite rapper is not necessarily the best rapper. You need to close your eyes and open your ears. Being the best rapper entails a lot. A few singles, an album makes you potentially the best rapper but not the best. The best rapper MUST be successful (No excuses whatsoever, if you’re better than someone in your field of expertise, I don’t see why the person should be doing better than you in terms of success. I’m the best student in my class, my report card has to back me up and not side talks on who’s really doing it right or not).
The best rapper must be a lyricist, not just someone who rhymes thrash, but someone who is extremely intelligent, not someone who writes only on one theme but someone who visits different topics and experiences in his songs. Most importantly, someone who is consistent. Not someone who can’t even hold on to being the best for a long period of time. The best rapper doesn’t really have to be good at freestyling.

I decided never to argue who the best rapper is really although some FOOLISH TALKS and COMPARISM can push someone to the wall like why the hell will you compare 2Chainz to Kendrick Lamar (King of New York :D) or tell me M.I is whack?? The same M.I I’m listening to? (I’m sorry you pushed me).
Anyway, you can’t pick out who the best is. Every good rapper does well on every most tracks and trust me the only way you can decide who is better is by INSTINCTS (Instincts do fail at times) and another person’s instincts will oppose yours fairly any day. So except there’s a measuring equipment or God says who the best is, it all boils down to our Different Opinions. Different people with different opinions, respect that, but no doubt there are a couple of people who are the best rappers in no order and some others who are just too whack *sigh*.
There you have it, I might be disappointing people but no best rapper, it’s all different opinions and favourites.

Paolo Abamwa


One thought on “Best Rapper

  1. Left the rapping business when I discovered rock. I think I concur with you though, the ‘best rappers’ are called best cos they’ve established they’re presence in the rapping business. Believe me, I know blokes that I feel rap better than em MI’s and Ice Prince. Been the best is cos u’re famous in that field not necessarily cos you’re the best. CIAO mate. Love your posts. Keep it up

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