Beauty and love are all my dreams
they change not with the changing day
love stays forever like a stream
that flows but never flows away…

Love is better than high birth,
richer than wealth,
prouder dan peacock,
loving and being loved the greatest delight
for love,my pride boasts…

Being loved gives u strength,,
loving gives u Courage…..

Never lose your humanity,love with all your heart but please don’t abandon your Mind.

We can live without anything amd everything except Love!

Love,faith and hope- the three most important things one should have in life.



“Laughter is day and sobriety is night. SMILE is the twilight that hovers gently between both,more bewitchin than either”

-dere’s notin as beautiful as a genuine smile
-dere’s notn dat lits up 1’s world as a smile.
-Smile mks evrythin luk alot easier,it reduces stres
-It takes soo much less muscles 2 smile dan 2 frown

~Tyms maybe tough,things might be hard but remember than after eevry storm,d sun smiles. Remember dat there’s a soluction for every problem and Smile

¤Your smile might just be what that person needs 2 see 2 feel better n have hope
¤Your smile could be that motivation someone needs 2 go on
~Smile n you’d feel better
~Smile n you’d make someone feel better

~~Put a smile on someone’s face today.
*Help the needy.
*Play with a child.
*Buy a gift no mattter how small 4 a dear friend.
*Tease someone today.
*Have fun with family n friends
*Pray 4 someone.
*Do something kind.
*Lend a hand
*You don’t hav 2 do something big,jst do something.
*teach som1 something today
*tell som1 abt God’s love.
*let som1 knw dat tomorrow promises 2 b better.


Here’s a little inspiration

Here’s a little inspiration, a few things you should always try to remember. Here’s something that can get to you stand up and not give up!
Well these “quotes” have helped me,so i hope it helps you too..

*Never give up,instead find alternatives.
-Find the good in every bad suitation.
-There’s always something to learn.
-Use all opportunities like its d last you’d ever get.
-The past is in the past,leave it there.
-Learn from your experiences n take them as lessons learnt and be better next time.

*Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing.
-“the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step; little drops of water makes the mighty ocean…”
-Start something.. Take a step and God would give directions for the rest.
-Beginning is half the cure.

*Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside the was superior to circumstance.
-Believe in yourself.
-Define yourself,don’t accept anyone’s definition of you-except God’s.
-Never listen to negatives.
-Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that you can’t.
-Believe you have control over your future.
-put that little extra

*Control your destiny or someone else will.
-Change before you have to.
-Willpower and desire may not override talent but it continues to be the factor that causes people of ordinary ability to accomplish extraordinary things.
-Learn to attach yourself to people better than you,to hopefull,successfull and optimistic people.
-Our imagination is the only limit to what we can have in the future.

**God will never give us more than we can bear or handle-whether it is possibilities or problems.
**Never tell God you have big problems,tell your problems you have a big God.
-Have faith.. Kepp hoping.. Keep believing.. Pray without ceasing.. Renew yourself spiritually everyday..
-Always be grateful. Always remember to say thank u jesus..
–God knows our needs and wants even before we voice them


Thank you jesus

I don’t have everything i want in this life,i have my share of ups and downs n smtyms it luks like the downs are more.
There are soo many things i’d like2have,like2do,places i’d love2go but i dnt ve the resources.
My life isnt a bed of roses.
True,at times it looks like there’s nutin2 thank God4 but then i look around me n i c pple m cuter dan,pple m smarter dan,richer dan.. I look around and i c pple who’d give anything to have my life,den i realise God is with me and i thank him.
Here i am,with two cute eyes that can see,2 ears that hear,a nose with 2nostrils that smell,a mouth that talks,i have 2hands,2legs,i can think,i can write,i can type… Oh! God i’m indeed grateful.. Thank so much and pls 4gv me for everytime i whine.

Lesson- no matter how bad u think ur suituation is,there’s always something to thank him 4..
If u can read this,say Thank u Jesus..
Thank him 4 d gift of life!
Thank him for safety..
Shoot! Thank him for nothing,jes thank him.. As u honour him with thxgvn,so he’d honour u!



What shapes everyone is not only our experiences but our responses to them…
Everybody goes tru ish’s but what makes the difference is how we respond to those ish’s and the choices and decisions we make!
You could decide to repond to ur situation optimistically or pessimistically. You could decide to let that ish make you or mar you. You can choose to take that mistake as a lesson learnt and move ahead or u can keep dwelln on it and be stagnant.
Your decision,your response is d determining factor of your outcome.


let Go n be Better in 2013

2013 is around the corner..
Let go of al baggage…
Forgive yourself and forgive others…
Ts tym to stop focusing on mistakes,let our mistakes be lessons learnt,be steppn stones to greater heights…
Lets hold dear our memories of dis past year,lets use our experiences-good n bad- wisely…
Lets keep our adorables-good,loyal friends and families- close…
Ts tym to let go of all baggage and hold on to all worthy luggage…
2013 should be the year we became alot closer to God,the year we consistently learnt,developed ourselves and worked rightly towards our God given purpose..

So we didnt achieve as much as we wud ve loved to in 2012,not soo bad cos d goodnews is, its never too late,2013 we shall do better ryt?
We’d kip trying and trying and trying..
We’d ve fun..
We’d become better persons..
We’d let go and Hold on..
2013 is our year!
Keep dreaming,Keep believing!