What if we just loved gay people

The concept of homosexuality has been on my mind for days now and after having a conversation on it last night, I have decided to write and share my thoughts.

Homosexuality from my Point of View:

Before anything, let me say this “I love God and I respect His authority and as a Christian,  the Bible is my highest authority;  what God’s word says is final. Hence, I agree that sleeping with (having sexual activities with) someone of same sex is wrong (1cor6:9, rom1:27, lev18:22, lev20:13, 1tim1:10) but I don’t agree that having feelings (been attracted to) someone of same sex is a sin. Why? Because, we dont have control over our feelings. Just the way we all find we have some muchy feelings for someone of opposite sex that’s how some others find they have feelings for same sex. They dont choose it, they wake up oneday and realise it. Their decision to act on it is a different matter tho, one the Bible passages mentioned earlier already addresses.:

That said; lets move on to the real issue…
There’s nothing special about being gay. The Christian community today has made being gay something special, something more absurd than other sins but its not. Its a sin just like lying, stealing, envy,  fornication, adultery, idolatry etc (1cor6:9).
Besides, cant we remember that there’s no bigger sin? Killing someone is equal to lying to save your face. Stealing is same as adultery. In God’s eyes, Sin is sin. Jesus even said that thinking lustfully about someone who isn’t your spouse is as much sin as actually sleeping with the person (matt5:28) Oh! Someone may say, homosexuality is sin against your own body – God’s temple – well so is masturbation, fornication and adultery and I dont see people making fornicators feel like they are abnormal.

Gays are humans like us too, so why do we castigate them? Why do we make people with lying, stealing, masturbating, and addiction issues our friends and see them through their struggle in love but yet we totally frown at the gay community?
We’ve frowned at them so much, called them abnormal, possessed etc that a Christian with such struggle cant open up to anyone.
I asked a friend yesternight that if his bestfriend told him he is gay what would he do? He said he’d create a distance between them. But Why? If he says he has smoking addiction, wont he ( i.e. my friend) say “its okay pal, we’d go through this together?”
I dont agree that gays choose their life (well maybe some did but who wants to be seen as abnormal?). What about those kids that realise at 10/11years that they like someone of the same sex? What possessed them? Which evil spirit?

Because some people’s feelings are misguided doesn’t make them abnormal bikonu.. lets love and accept them through their struggle.

Maybe if we castigated them less,more people will open up and God’s love will help them out… There’s nothing God’s love cant do, if He can help masturbators, prostitutes, killers, thieves then who says He cant help the ‘gays’.
He can help us all direct and use our feelings the right way. He can help us all love people as we should. People love wrongly (loving someone who beats you is love gone wrong,  being in an unhealthy relationship is misguided love, but if God can help these victims then He can help those who are in love with the same sex too).

Joel osteen said in an interview that even homosexuals will go to heaven because heaven isnt about our sins but about believing in Jesus. So if God wont throw them out, who are we to?

I know a few people who believe they are gay, it doesnt make them less human or less awesome, it makes them unique yes! But it doesnt make them abnormal… These peeps, love God too, they cant understand why they are like that but they have come to accept it and as much as they can, grow their personal relationship with God.

More people are coming out everyday, if we dont stop judging,  we wont be able to help.

Love is the only way! If we love,  try to understand their struggle and just be their friend, all will be well.

In the presence of God, everytin that isnt God glorifying falls away. In God’s presence, addictions, temptations falls off.. so why not lead all to God’s presence and allow him deal with them?

Yes! Its wrong but could we accept it and love them through it? Remember no one is perfect but God’s love covers and heals all.


3 thoughts on “What if we just loved gay people

  1. Its a nice write up and I am totally in support of a love reaction from xtians and not condemning attacks.However, we shld still nt make them cool about living in sin.
    My only issue is this paragraph: ” Joel osteen said in an interview that even homosexuals will go to heaven because heaven isnt about our sins but about believing in Jesus. So if God wont throw them out, who are we to?”while heaven is about believing in Jesus,it is important to understand that this believe is nt just “Mental attitude” but translated into response to the spirit of God.The modus operandi of grace is responding to the workings of Gods spirit. To a section this sounds like “Being gay is okay,just continue ‘believing” in God,and you will be in heaven”..lolz.Yle I knw that this is not your thought,bt it can be deduced.
    Love is supreme,christ blood paid all(Future,past and present) to enable us live above sins in him….and not enjoy it using his grace as an excuse. #GraceSpeed

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