The future is brighter!

I’m certain that,
Our’s is a greater generation.
Our’s is a generation of possibilities.
Our’s is a generation full of potentials.

I’ve a dream that in 20years from now,
the youths of now would have realised their potentials,that they would have achieved so much they wouldn’t be able2 believe it.
I’ve a dream that children would grow in a nation that’s full of so much positivity,that they wont need anyone to motivate or inspire them. They’d grow to believe in their selves and their nation.
I’ve a dream that in a few years to come,the Gospel of the love of God would have reached places upon places and most importantly that people all over the world would believe in the Gospel of christ.

I see a nation full of greener pastures,a nation that’d lend to others,a nation that devoid of corruption and evil.
I see youths and teenagers of excellence.
I see people who won’t let whatever issue they have gone through affect them negatively.
I see people who would use every opportunity to learn and become better persons.

I see greatness.
I see better.
I pray for God’s continued love,mercy and Grace.

God is always there,he’d never leave nor forsake us!
He never give us more than we can handle!
His love and mercy endureth forever.
I believe in God as much as i believe in the future-My future,Your future.

PS: never dwell on the past,its in the past,leave it there. For me i thank my past for it gave me strength and wisdom,i won’t let it haunt me!


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