Rescued By God. Episode 11

In my dream, I felt a strong masculine hand on my breast. The hand was moving gently over the curve of my bosom, stopping at intervals to stroke and tease my nipples and then it moved gently down my stomach and back to my breast. It was all so pleasurable.

The breathe of the person was all over my neck and ears, his tongue was making circles across my neckline.

Even in my dream, I heard myself moan and it felt so real.

It was when Ray turned me to face him, taking my mouth in his, that I realised I wasn’t dreaming.

I instantly began to kiss him back and he unbuttoned my blouse.

He kissed me on the mouth, drew out his tongue and took it down to the space between my breasts and then to my navel and back to rest on my breast.
He suckled and teased my breast, everytime replacing his mouth with his hand when he moved to the other one. It was so nice.

His hands were freely roaming my body, learning every curve. Stroking and massaging every part possible.

He lifted me lightly, making me lay on top him – Then, I really felt his hardness.
The region between my legs were aching uncontrollably, I was lost as he raised me higher to suck my breast, cupping and massaging my buttocks.

He took me back to my formal position -laying beside him – completely removing my blouse in the process.

As he kissed me one more time, his hands roamed lower, raised my skirt and slightly touched that place in between my thighs.

I gasped and almost flew out of the bed.

“Relax dear, It’s Ray. Trust me”

His words made me relax a little.
“It’s Ray, it’s Ray” I kept telling myself

He kissed me long and hard, his hands never stopped stroking every corner of my body.

I was breathing hard (and so was he).

He gently stroked in-between my thighs while sucking on my boobs, then, he shifted my panties and touched my Clit.

“Oh my God!” I said out loud.

He kept stroking my clit and the whole region there. Then in one swift motion, He rose slightly and removed my panties completely.

I felt myself, all wet and achy.

His fingers entered me while he kissed me.
“Ray!” I panicked
“Relax, I love you” he said.

Hearing those words completely relaxed me and then I decided I’d trust and allow me do whatever.


Rescued by God. Episode 10

With each Passing day we drew closer. Raymond was nice. We had our fights but we always made up soon rather than later.

He pampered me whenever he had the opportunity and time to and he always showered me with gifts.
Ray paid so much attention and care to me that if he opened his mouth to say he didn’t love me, I wouldn’t have believed.

The times we made out was always ‘off-the-hook’ and I always found myself wanting more, which I most confess, scared the hell out of me. Because, More meant Sex (right? Yea!) And I didn’t want to be involved in pre-marital sex, cause I didn’t want to get pregnant.
This bothered me for while as everytime we got intimate, we went a little further and though Ray had been good, restraining himself everytime he ‘almost lost control’, I wasn’t sure if he’d continue and I didn’t want to offend or hurt him.

A dilemma I must say.
I just prayed He understood and kept restraining himself, but more, I prayed I continue not wanting sex (cause truly, knowing how sex felt was becoming a recalling thought). God Please Help!

Well He helped.
… That Fateful day.

Ray just came back from a one week long trip to abuja, where he went to see His parents.
I had missed him so much, and couldn’t wait for him to get back.

Immediately, He entered my apartment I jumped in excitement and hugged him. He hugged me back. I didn’t want to leave his arms. I missed him just so much.
As if on cue, he kissed me.

We kissed for a few moments, then, he released me, dropped his bag and swept me from the ground, carrying me to the room.

He dropped me on the bed and lay down beside me.
He kissed me lightly on my forehead, then my nose, nibbled on her ears before settling his lips on mine. The kiss was long and intense.

“I missed you loads” He said as he drew his mouth away from mine.

He sat up, Took off his shirt and his shoe.
Oh! What a chest he had. I couldn’t resist touching it when he lay down beside me again.
Smiling, He drew me closer and kissed me again and slept off with me in his arms.

Seeing him sleep was beautiful. Hearing his breaths was beautiful. Heh! I snuggled. closer and drifted to sleep too.


Rescued by God. Episode 8

I was still trying to assimilate that fact when he swiftly lifted me from the ground with my legs straddling his waist. I gasped and almost started struggling but I remembered the incident with Jason and I started to relax once again, crossing my fingers instinctively, trusting Ray.

He carried me to the couch all the while kissing me. He sat down with me on his lap, still straddled.

“Relax love, I won’t do anything you don’t want” he breathed as he took my mouth in another episode of tasting and caressing.

By this time he had completely removed my bra and was able to use both hands to cup my breasts, stroking, caressing, and fondling them.

Touching my nipples were just the highlights, and as he dragged his mouth away from mine and nibbled on my ear, I felt shivers run down my spine and couldn’t stop soft moans from escaping my lips. Then he released me lightly, pushed me backwards and took his tongue down from my ear to my neck to the space between my bosoms.

“Oh shit” I thought

Before, I could comprehend, his tongue had already flickered across my nipple, I swear I almost jumped off him but my legs were weak and his hold was tight and most importantly, I really didn’t want to leave paradise.

He immediately started nibbling on my nipples, sucking my breasts much as a child that was starved would do. He sucked the right and then the left and his hands replaced his mouth each time he left one of them. “Oh! What pleasure”.

The region between my legs already ached real bad and I had already began to grind him when he suddenly stopped all motion.

“Ww wwhhh wwhaaatt’s wrong” I stuttered

“Nothing, but we have to stop now, otherwise we won’t stop at all” was the reply he gave me.

“Oh!” I exclaimed

He just lifted me off him and placed me on the other side of the couch. I was shy instantly as my shirt was completely off. I quickly reached for my shirt and wore it. By now, he was at the door.

“Goodnight dearie” he said and quickly dashed out.

I couldn’t do anything, I just laid on the couch, Breathing hard, trying to playback the event that just happened.

“Wow! I can’t believe myself” I muttered

•At that moment, I confirmed that I was terribly attracted to Raymond and yea! I was In-love with him.
I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Ray was a good guy, I knew he liked me but I wasn’t sure if he loved me.
What was I going to do?

Continue with the Flow or take a break?


Rescued by God. Episode 7

After that day, nothing intimate happened between us. We just got back to our normal routine like nothing happened, much to my dismay though.

Exams came in school and we became very busy as we had to set questions, invigilate. the exam and mark scripts. So, when the term was finally over, we had course to celebrate.

On that last day, I and Raymond alongside the other youth corpers took ourselves out for lunch at TFC and then to the club. We had so much fun, everyone was drinking and dancing. I danced a little and drank less as I wasn’t used to alcohol at all.

At about 11pm, I asked Ray to please take me home. I wasn’t comfortable being out that late. He obliged and we left the club.

We got to my apartment and he asked to come in. I made for us coffee, of which Ray ended up with three and half cups after which he excused himself to the bathroom.

“Dearie, Thanks for the Coffee, I should get going now” he said as he came out of the bathroom.
“Sure, You are welcome.” I replied him warmly

I went ahead to open the door, and just as I was about to turn the knob, he dragged me backward (turning me to face him) and instantly enveloped my mouth with his.

“Oh my!” I thought.

The kiss was hard, fast and It was like he was starved of my lips. His soft lips were caressing mine as he used his tongue to moisten my lips while stroking me on the back. His hands roamed from my back, reaching down to cup my buttocks. I let out a sigh, allowing him more space to thrust his tongue inside my mouth.
His tongue was stroking and roaming every corner of my mouth as he was constantly changing the angle of the kiss, deepening it as a result (I did feel like he wanted to enter inside of me using the oral).

His hands never stopped roaming my back and he cupped my behind every time he needed me closer to him.

I was already breathing very hard – hence I was pleased when he let me go for a second in an attempt to catch his breath.
*whew* I thought!

“Oh baby, Your lips are to die for” he whispered as he caught my lips in another round of intense caress.
As he kissed me this time, I felt like I was going to drop as my legs were already weak, My hands were grasping his neck, touching and caressing his curly black hair.
I was aching, the gap between my legs felt moist and it ached more when I felt the budge in his trousers.

“OooooooH MmmY!” I thought to myself

I couldn’t even think straight anymore.
He released his hold on me and I thought it was over, only for me to feel his hand on my Breast.

I totally melted. (It was a first).

His hand began to stroke and just lightly caress my breast. I was in paradise. It felt too good. When his finger stroked my nipple I let out a sigh, he kissed me harder again and continued stroking. I felt myself erupting. I was out of control. This was nothing like I had imagine. I had no idea my breast could make me feel so much ecstasy like I was at that moment.

He cupped and stroked and squeezed my breasts, switching from the left to the right and back.

I was lost in the moment.
Only later, did I realise I was leaning against the door and my bra was out of place….


Rescued by God. Episode 6

I woke up a little late the next morning and my first thought was about what had transpired outside my door the previous night.
I felt my cheek go Red with blush at the thought and I instantly began to tremble.
“Get your mind straighten young lady” I thought to myself.
Then I quickly had my bath, took a cup of coffee, dressed and was ready when Ray arrived at my door to pick me up.

“Good Morning Ray” I said Shyly
“Morning dearie, You ready?” He asked
“Yea” I replied as I made my way to the door

I was disoriented through out the short trip as my mind kept going back to last night’s activity. I don’t know but I think it was same with him too because he didn’t talk as much as he normally did. It was like one of those awkward moments.

Anyways, We got to school and focused on the day’s activities. During break he came to pick me up and We left school together to KFC for lunch.
He ordered spaghetti and gizzard with 1L pack of hollandia yoghurt each, for the both of us.

“So, wassup?” Ray said? “How was work today?”
“Ehn! As Normal, Stressful but Fun though. I just love those kids, especially the ones in SS1A, they are smart and funny …”
I kept on rambling about my day until the waiter brought our food, Then I had to keep quiet and eat (Something Ray always insisted on).
After the meal, we stayed at the table a little more to continue our talk.

“So, I’m listening. You were telling me about your day.” He reminded me
“Oh! Well, I have given you the major ish’s. You talk to me now” I replied
“He he! My day was normal joor, no interesting ish. I’m more interested in talking about uhm…” He paused
“About what?” I inquired
“Sure you want to hear it?” He asked back teasingly
“Why not?” I replied
“I want to Kiss you again” he said quietly

At Hearing him say those words, I felt myself gulp what seemed like a gallon of saliva.

“Uhmm, ooooookaaay!??” Was all I could reply him
“Last night was just Epic! I have never tasted any lips like yours’ before. It was soft and succulent…. I swear I couldn’t sleep when I got home, my mind just kept wandering back to you and the kiss. It was the Best ever. I really want to Kiss you again and again and again, Like till forever…. I’m sorry if I’m talking out of line but I just needed to be honest with you, I just need you to know where my mind is dwelling on” He said in a rather quick succession

After another round of saliva gulping, I finally was able to open my mouth.
“Oh wow! I don’t know what to say.” I said shyly.
Uhm, I loved the Kiss too and I like your lips and uhm… I really don’t know, but …thanks for the honesty” I finished with a sigh
“Let’s Go home” Ray said smiling.

So, I got up and he followed suit. He opened the car door for me and placed a kiss on my head just before closing the door.

My Heart was beating faster than normal. I just wanted to get home really quick and collapse on my bed.
He entered the car and just before turning on the ignition, He leaned towards me and kissed me Softly on the lips but before I could respond, he immediately withdrew and started the car.


Rescued By God. Episode 5

My first day at work.

Growing up,I always heard people say The world is a small place but I never understood what they meant until the day I resumed for my posting.

I Reported to where i posted and I was told I would be teaching Biology to SS1 students. I was introduced to the Head Of Biology in the school, Mrs Uzu, then I was introduced to other NYSC students.
I can’t explain to you how Shocked and dumbfounded I stood when I saw RAYMOND amongst the other corpers… I danced in my spirit, (and that was the first shocker!)

I later found out from him that he was going to teach Biology to SS2 students. He was going to take two Classes in SS2 (A and C) while I to take three in SS1 (A,B and D)

After a long day at work -taking instruction, doing introductions and copying scheme of work-, I Got the Second shocker…

It was time for closing and I was parking my things to leave when Ray came into the office we the ‘science Corpers’ (about five of us) were given to use as our staff room.

“Hey Love! We meet again” he said as he entered the office.
“Yes!” I said as we hugged.
“I can see you are getting ready to leave. Where are you staying?”
“One of the blocks of flat at 21 road here in Festac” I replied. “you?” I asked almost immediately
“Wow! You just they follow me anyhow” he answered back
“As in?” I replied confused
“I stay at Block C, there too” He said
“Oh wow! Mine is Block A” I replied excitedly
“Ok oo! Cool! you ready?, Let’s go home together. I’m with a car” he offered
“Oh! Sure” I said Smiling broadly.

And that was how It started.

In the morning he’ll come pick me up and We’d go to school together. After closing, we’d go home together.
Most times during lunch breaks, we’d go to KFC together (His treat as he always insisted). It was never a dull moment with him.
And then, during weekends, We went clubbing, golfing, sun bathing at beach,and shopping. In short, We had fun and did almost everything together. He even started attending my church too and he joined the ushering unit. It was a whole new world for me. I was enthralled.

I was in-love!.

We just got back from the cinema One evening, when as I was about opening the door to my apartment, he drew me back and kissed me softly on the lips.

I was scared for moment but then I remember Jason and all that transpired and I forced myself to relax.

His lips were Soft, warm and delicate against mine.
He didn’t rush, he didn’t probe, he just tasted and tasted, like he was trying to memorise the feel and taste of my lips.
As he caressed my lips more, I let out a little sigh and ached towards him, Giving him the opportunity to draw me closer as his tongue thrusted into my mouth.
His tongue was warm and at it’s taste, I felt shivers run down my spine. I ached for more. He must have read my thoughts because he tighten his grip on me, changed the angle of the kiss and increased the tempo of his stroke on my back and the thrusting of his tongue in and out my mouth.

” Oh! Wow!” I breathed, when he finally let me Go
“Yeah!” He whispered as his head dropped again, kissing me hard and Fast this time.

“I had better go. Goodnight Dearie” He said as he left.
All I could do was wave.

I got into my apartment, still breathing hard. Quickly took a cold shower and feel asleep right away. But with lingering thoughts of what happened outside my apartment.


The love that Never really happened

I’ve been thinking about you for awhile,I remember you crossing my mind at least once everyday.
I slept only afta fantasising about us.
I lived everyday knowing that each passing day drew me closer to the Day I’d see you again.
I couldn’t watch romantic movies anymore cause they ended getting me Horny cause of You.
I was insane. It was just you.
I had sleepless nights cause I was wondering if you thought of Me and miss me as Much.

School resumed, unfortunately We couldn’t see immediately.
I had to arrange,you had to arrange.
I had course registration to do,so did You.
We needed to Pay school fees.
I got knew pals. You kept waiting for me to come back.
Activities drove us apart.
Funny how we barely spoke in school while we talked hours non-stop during holiday.
It hurt,but it was nobody’s fault.
Eventually,thoughts of You reduced.
Then, life just happened.

Until… 12:05am,18yrs after my birth(17weeks later).

I remember I was sleeping when my phone rang,usually I don’t sleep on d eve of my birthdays But this one was different.
I had worked my ass of that day,that no matter how hard I tried to stay awake I eventually found Myself sleeping. Anyways,like I was saying, my ringtone drew me out of bed.
I was reluctant to pick but, Oh My! When I saw it was you,Sleep ‘commot’ my eye sharp sharp.
“Happy Birthday Love, Wish you the very best” was what you said when I picked.
I can’t remember the rest of the conversation cause I was too engrossed in your voice. After the call, I couldn’t sleep. Shoot! You called me( I was enthralled). Then, I just knew it was going to be my best birthday yet.
6am,my doorbell rang.
It was You with lots of gifts that is, remember you coming in and telling me of all the plans you had for me(truly I wasn’t listening,I was too happy you were around for me plus ur lips-not the words coming out-thrilled me).
So,you made me breakfast while I took my bath. After eating and stuffs, my day began (the day you had planned out began).Uhmm,let’s skip the details of the day. But,I won’t fail to mention that my day was fun. Thanks.

I still don’t what made you sleep over at my place that night.
I remember you dropping me off,then you needed to pee so you came in too.
Then,we just got talking. Talked about how we had been since we last saw.
Then somewhere in between, I said “I swear,I’d give anything to kiss you again”. The rest is history(:p hehe). Ok! A little detail -Your lips tasted the same,but you kissed differently(I loved it still),truly I couldn’t get enough of the kiss and then Touching commenced, You hand on me was …(Mostly because we had never really gotten to that extent before), but Mehn! It was sexy! Oh! Yes I remenber i lost all sense of control.
And when u whispered u loved me (#sighs), Shoot! Or when u kept saying how much you loved my body(blushing still at the thought), OMG! thinking about it now sends shivers down my spine (ok,I think I have to stop now). I dunno o, buh It was the best I ever had.

As I send goodbye and thanks to you, the next morning I knew that was the last time We were ever going to get that Close. Still,I was very happy cause my fantasy had come true. I miss you and I’d forever remember that day.
Truly,you were my one true love that Life never allowed happen.