Guest Author 1 |Paolo Abamwa

Paolo Abamwa is an Eighteen year old writer(He is a Ghost Writer actually)
He hails from southern Nigeria.
Currently a student of delta state university studying computer science.
He has always loved reading articles, poems, newspapers, books, comics
etc. He’s Love for the art made him study literature passionately back in
high school even as a science student.
Writing became a great part of
Him as he enjoyed it more than he enjoyed reading. Everytime he picks up a
pen, a great piece comes to his mind.
Currently he is working on a book titled
‘Hustle or Die’.

He’s a rap artist with a mixtape titled ‘ Loopy Dreaming link is http://t.co/WIIK5ytRf3’ (And yea! Hez pretty gud)

(And he still Loves you Jopesi 🙂 – I almost didn’t want to add this part but I feel he’d dead me if I don’t)

Contact him: @paolo_BRA on twitter or via his email : paolokonqueror@gmail.com