Romans 8:28 says “We know that God causes EVERYTHING to Work TOGETHER for THE GOOD of those who LOVE God and are called according to his purpose for them”

This I most say is a lovely scripture and it gives me a lot of Hope when I read or think about it.
It says that no matter what we going through, A good will always come out of it as far as we Love God and are working accordingly to Fulfil his purpose in our lives.

•There’s HOPE (WE KNOW – we are optimistic and have Faith)
•that GOD (our creator, the master planner, the Grand designer behind everything, The one who is ultimately pulling the strings, who doesn’t ever make mistakes)
•CAUSES (will make sure)
•that EVERYTHING (good and bad, evil and good, our mistakes, sins, HURTS, Trials, Test, Temptations, Troubles -Everything that happens to You and me)
•To WORK TOGETHER ( dependently, not separately but as a unit -every single thing that has happened to you will contribute)
•For The GOOD (for the best. Meaning, He’d make you smile after everything, he’d find a Good and bring it out (prominently)
•Of Those Who LOVE God and are Called (for ONLY those -for you, for me- Who Love and serve and obey and have complete Faith in God. It is for God’s children working)
•According to HIS Purpose (according to his will and plans for our lives, working IN Him, with Him and For him, Fulfilling Purpose).

For His children who love Him, serve Him, Believe and have Faith In Him, who keeps Hoping On him, He has Promised to make sure that everything that happens in their lives turns out For the good.

Rejoice and Be glad.
For as Long as You LOVE God and live according to His Purpose, Your Hurts, your tears, Your pain, Your trials and Temptations would Produce a Good and make you smile for eternity.
Keep a brave heart, Your Eternal reward is Great!