Read THE Instructions

This is a message by Victoria osteen ( http://www.victoriaosteen.com ).

The other day I was trying to put something together. It
came with instructions, but I’m just not one who likes to stop
and read the directions. I like to just go for it and figure it
out and not “waste time” if I don’t have to. But, I got stuck
at this one particular point, so I picked up the instructions.
It’s amazing what you learn by reading the instructions! I
found out there are ways to tell if it’s put together correctly.
There are signals and indicators that let me know if there is
something wrong. Without the instructions, I may have put it
together incorrectly and not ever have known it. Sure, I
could make it look right, but without the instructions, it
wouldn’t have operated to its full capacity.
You know, it’s the same way with God. Sure, we can try to
do it on our own, but when we stop and read His
instructions—the Word of God—it’s amazing what we
learn! We learn about our God, we learn about ourselves,
we learn about what to do when things aren’t working
right. We have a better understanding of life because we
have a better understanding about Jesus! He reveals
Himself through His Word and empowers us by His Holy
Sometimes we think God is hidden, but He’s always right
there waiting for us to seek Him. He wants to reveal
Himself. He wants to bless you and reward you for having
a heart that desires to know Him more.
Maybe you’re like me today, and your personality is one to
try figure things out on your own. Don’t take that approach
with your life. When we try to do things on our own, it’s so
much harder. Jesus says that His yoke is easy and His
burden is light. Learn from Him. Read your instruction
manual—the Word of God—and become all that God has
created you to be.
“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am
gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your
souls.” (Matthew 11:29, NKJV)

•••From Jopesi,
Indeed! If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.
If you want to know how to use something maximally, to it’s full potential, you have to consult the manual.
As humans, our manual that contains our purpose is The Word.•••