Yours’ Aine

I keep thinking about you,
So much that I can’t think straight.

I see you every single time I close my eyes,
Whether I’m sleeping or just trying to distract myself and shut out the world.

Thoughts of you have become the perfect distraction.
Images of you is my solace.

I miss you so bad it’s beginning to hurt physically.
Every Fair one, reminds me of you.

I just want to hear your voice,
ensure you are alright.
Tell you I miss you,
Ask if you miss me.

I wonder if you still think of me.
I hope you still do.
Because I think of you everyday.

I Miss You. I really do.
Lol! What do I even miss? I don’t know

…The Safety
The Struggle – My Struggle
The Complication
The Warmth
Long conversations
Your Smile – Your Wahala
The Feeling of being Wanted

In all Honesty, I’m Amazed I fell for you this hard.
I’m not sure if this feeling is because you are a forbidden fruit or because of how being with you feels. I’m not sure why it’s this strong. I just know that;

It is strong.
It is real…
… And I wish I could do something tangible about it. More like, Something ‘not destructive’.

I Love You and I just want you hear your voice.


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