It’s all For A reason. Relax! |Life is a Process!

I have lived just about 18 years on earth but I have experienced a lot – Good and BAD alike.
In all though, God has taught me that LIFE IS A PROCESS and that there’s a lesson in everything (and a reason for everything).
I have come to realise that everything I have had to go through has been for a reason.
I know now, that my issues hasn’t just been for me to deal with something but for me to GET something out of it FOR TOMORROW.

Life is a Journey.
Life is a Process.
Life is in Stages.
Life is full of Lessons.
Life is about experiences.
MY LIFE is for a Reason.

God is amazing.
He makes us (makes me) Go through ish’s because he knows we need the experiences to be able to deal and handle our Tomorrow.
I’m certain now that, •it is not just Is•
I know now, that I am what I am today because of what I went through (Good and Bad) Yesterday. I would be what I would be tomorrow because of what I’m going through today.

Hey people, you going through an Ish today?
You dealing with this serious issue today?
You feel like you shouldn’t have to be this and that? That you shouldn’t have to be the one dealing with it all?
You going crazy because you feel it is too much for you to handle?

HE is still GOD, from everlasting to everlasting and so, He’d see you through it.

Relax love, you’d come out of it STRONGER. Your story, your issues would Bless and help People.
You are going through it because God knows you can handle it.
Big challenges birth Great conquerors…

This issue, That issue Is a stepping stone. It is taking you to that next level.

Relax! God is not going to live you stranded.

This is a preparatory stage.

The bigger your challenges, issues and obstacles, The bigger your success and greatness.
Not everyone can successfully handle what you have handled, Not everyone is capable of your insight and strength and faith.
Not everyone is FIT for your issues.

You have this things to deal with because YOu can handle it, because of where YOU are going.

Relax and get as much lessons as you can.
God is with you all through.