Evolution of This Blog

I swear I don’t know what this Blog is about anymore.

1st it was mainly Motivational and God ish
Then I started writing About myself and My experiences ( mainly stories about me, that were just 10% non fiction)
And Now, I’ve started promoting other young writers by Posting few of their write-ups on this Blog.

I’m confused right?
Nah! I like to think of it as EVOLUTION – From one place to another, From one height to another, Until I finally ‘get’ what My blog its supposed to be about.

So readers, Keep Following me on this Journey as I take lots of steps (confusing, sometimes contradicting but majorly Fun steps) – After all, I bet You want to know the Next thing I’m going to use to spice up this blog and know for sure what Jopesi’s Blog really is? Maybe I’d soon add Fashion ( hehe, I doubt). I’m thinking Forums though (well, You’d see what I mean soon enough)…

Just Keep Reading, keep having Fun as you follow me on this my Evolution and Purpose Finding Journey.


Please open up to learning


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