Random | introduction to Unconditional love

This morning my friend asked me ” Itimi, how is it possible to love unconditionally? Mehn! How did Jesus do it?”
I couldn’t give a concrete answer so I just smiled.
Thinking about it now, the only thing I can say is Loving Unconditionally is Hard.

How do you look beyond faults, flaws, lies and disappointment? How do you love someone who hurts you again and again? How do you love someone who doesn’t take your love serious or who takes you (and your love) for granted? How do we love beyond? How do we love even after all? How do we love unconditionally?

From experience:
I know that Loving isn’t easy.
It’s Pain, it’s hurt, it’s Fun, it’s joy… It’s a tragedy, It’s an enigma, it’s beautiful, complicated.
Love is a responsibility
Love required effort
Love is not easy.
If you claim to love, then you got to be able to take a lot of bullshit and bliss.

That is just Loving.
A love that can so choke you that you decide to stop caring, to stop loving, to just leave.
Conditional Love.

Now let’s check out Unconditional Love
If loving conditionally is as I described above, how is unconditional love like???
Unconditional Love is Love at it’s peak. It is Love – true love no matter what. It is forever.
Unconditional love is not choosy, unconditional love accepts and bears all, it never stops, it doesn’t leave, it loves beyond all flaws, it overlooks all faults. It is as described in 1Cor 13.
Yes! As human’s, unconditional love is hard. It requires patience, Tolerance, Strong will, a willing heart, a prayerful person and God’s grace. But hey! It’s possible.
Abeg e!

Bla bla bla!

I’m in love (wrong)…
… Sorry, at the moment I can say, I love someone unconditionally (sometimes I wish it was someone else I loved liked this) and truly it drives me crazy.
It’s beautiful but I hurt a lot because it’s like my •unconditonal love• Is not returned. Sometimes I wonder if this person loves me at all. I take lots of bullshit, I have had to deal with a lot of cold shoulder. There’s the jealousy part when the attention that’s supposed to mine is given to someone else without me being reasoned.
I just always have to deal with ish’s, makes me get •into my head• A lot. Makes me crazy and unsettled.
I have tried to •fashi• This person, I have tried to leave, I have tried to reduce the love, I have tried to forget but it never works. The loves just intensifies instead.
Drives me crazy.

But Well, if Jesus can love. I can too.
If God loves me no matter what, then I can love others too no matter what.

I JUST decided that I’m gonna keep loving, cause the truth is Love always brings the positive. So either, My love and worth would be fully appreciated one day and the love would be returned (By this person) or I’d just get it from someone else (or people sef!)…

Lord Grace to continue sha.

Hehe! I googled unconditional love, so I’m gonna share some stories about it that I found there. Enjoy!