How to Love

Wow! Her( Loony,the lunatic) stories always get straight to my heart.
Truth is love is too broad a topic: it’s amazing, it’s joy yet it’s pain and a lot of responsibility. It’s simple yet highly complicated. i know it’s not easy to love but it’s very easy. It takes strength to love, yet the weakest have the ability to love, but hey! love brings strength and it does heal hurt.

One thing of certain of though is, If you can love and accept yourself, you’d be able to accept and believe Someone’s love for you and you’d be able to really love others.

PS: God is the author and originator of love, hence, Him alone can truly break down Love.


Dear God 2 | Finding Inner Peace

yea! He has given us PEACE, the peace that passeth all understanding, peace that is not affected by situations or whatever is supping with us.
His love is one indescribable kind, His grace is forever sufficient and His mercy is continual.
Yes! Hendrix, i fully understand this peace.


Pweety lass ‘Jopesi’ By Hendrix

Written by Hendrix

Do you know the pweety lass?
With the shining black rimmed glass.
jopesi, a girl of charisma, swag and class,
Every time she passes by,
Everyone stares and goes O my!

Don’t you know the pweety lass?
With the shining black rimmed glass.
Among her peers, with a huge gap she surpass
She draws with her light pen so well,
From where she learnt no one can tell

Have you seen the pweety lass?
With the shining black rimmed glass.
With a pretty nice A$$,
Such pretty straight legs she’s got
At times me thinks she’s but a god.

Haven’t you seen the pweety lass?
With the shining black rimmed glass.
Talks God at any given chance.
All around her is light so bright,
Glowing from her whitened teeth like the planet mars.

Lemme tell you ‘bout the pweety lass,
With the shining black rimmed glass.
Take a sit, relax.
Some men say she’s full of s_ _t,
But I say she’ll soon be a big hit

Well, Yes I’m in Love with the prweety lass
The one with shining rimmeed glass
She’s so beautiful, I think she’s from mars
They call her every mans dream,
For us, I want more than a dream

So if you see the pweety lass,
With the shining black rimmed glass.
This last part I speak not to jackass,
From me please give a warm wet kiss,
And tell her how much her verve I miss


Letter to my Unborn Son

Hey Nigga,
I’ll probably name you after me cause I’m hoping you’ll be a me or even better. One thing I’m sure about is that I won’t be able to refer to you as ‘Nigga’ and you shouldn’t dare either. You’ll call me dad and I’ll call you, well anything I feel like depending on my mood and your actions.
          I’m damn sure I’ll get you the best mum because I have a very high taste. You’ll respect and love her so much cause without her, your life even with me will be empty. You’ll grow and live life in a manner that pleases you and most importantly God. Trust me, you don’t want to please any human other than yourself. Life is hard but as a kid you wouldn’t notice because I’ll be there for you. As you grow older it becomes tougher, I’ll still be there for you but I’ll want you to learn on your own. At least that’s what I think my dad thinks.
I’ll bug you about school and how important it is because it’s what fathers do and it’s somewhat important. I’ll always be there to guide you and give you counseling. People (Church, society, school) will expect a lot from you but like I said do what is true to you and God.
Oh and yea peer pressure is a very bad must happen disease. You’ll definitely come across bad friends but your ability to stay away from them and make the right choices when you need to, keeps you in check. They’ll pressure you to be like them and even give you virtually reasonable reasons why but do not be fooled and do what is right.
Yep and one more thing, GIRRRLS!!!There’ll be a time when girls wouldn’t mean a thing to you. You’ll probably insult and tease them but as you grow older, you’ll crave for them. Some girls you love mightn’t feel the same way, some might settle with you just to benefit from material things, your looks, style intelligence etc. So instead of letting them play you, play them. Am kidding, or maybe not.
I think that’ll be all for now till we meet, I need to be with your mum now and who knows you might pop out sooner.

Paolo Abamwa


Troubled mind

–        Worry is a Journey
–        It takes you through so many phases in a hurry
–        It gives no time to see things as they are really
–        Before you know it, you are sorry.
–        I have no faith in fate
–        I believe my fate lies in my faith
–        The odds are against me in this stake
–        But I know a God who never forsakes
–        Life is short, so reach the heights of it
–        Talk is cheap, pay expensive to listen to it
–        Am in a dark room am the light to it
–        Nothing is too big to handle unless ‘I NO FIT’

Paolo Abamwa


Guest Author 1 |Paolo Abamwa

Paolo Abamwa is an Eighteen year old writer(He is a Ghost Writer actually)
He hails from southern Nigeria.
Currently a student of delta state university studying computer science.
He has always loved reading articles, poems, newspapers, books, comics
etc. He’s Love for the art made him study literature passionately back in
high school even as a science student.
Writing became a great part of
Him as he enjoyed it more than he enjoyed reading. Everytime he picks up a
pen, a great piece comes to his mind.
Currently he is working on a book titled
‘Hustle or Die’.

He’s a rap artist with a mixtape titled ‘ Loopy Dreaming link is http://t.co/WIIK5ytRf3’ (And yea! Hez pretty gud)

(And he still Loves you Jopesi 🙂 – I almost didn’t want to add this part but I feel he’d dead me if I don’t)

Contact him: @paolo_BRA on twitter or via his email : paolokonqueror@gmail.com


New Feature | Guest Authors and their Posts

Uhm, I have decided to add a little something to this blog.
I’m going to be publishing stuffs that are not written by me. I feel you guys need to read ‘ME unrelated’ articles.

This feature is basically to Promote and encourage amateur writers.
So, I have chosen a few young fresh writers I know personally and I hope u guys enjoy what you read.
Keep your comments coming.
Have Fun!