i hate ASUU and FG too

I officially Hate ASUU.
Really, iDnt know what their Ish is. Okay, I get, They need their allowance or whatever is it they are striking for but, ain’t they Father’s and Mother’s too? Are their children not in State and federal Universities too? They don’t have conscience? Don’t they realise that they are delaying the explosion of people, they are keeping us in school for a longer time, making us older than we are supposed to be when we graduate.
And there’s The Federal Government Led by Good luck Jonathan. Oh shit! I dare say, that man is bringing Bad luck to us (students). Can’t they grant ASUU’s request in time, So we could continue our education smoothly. I really don’t know the whole ish between ASUU and FG and truthfully I don’t wanna know, all I want is for them to resolve this issue amicably so we can resume school already.

Okay, I have calmed down but Hell! I’m pissed. My mates in Private varsities are writing 2nd semester exams, some are done and can proudly say they are in 300L (mtcheeeeew).

Anyway, I’m going home today. Parking was difficult because I didn’t know (still don’t know) how long I’m parking for, Some say 2weeks, majority says 100days (he he, I laugh in spanish). Thing is I hate that I’m going home, not that I hate my home, just that right down, at this point, my mind isn’t in benin at all and I have no idea what I’d be doing at home. SIGHS!!!

I miss my Room in My Hostel, I miss my church in School (CFi) and most importantly I miss my friends.
Yea! Missing my Friends is the initial reason I started writing this.

Aww mehn! I’m about to cry.
I miss Ejiro Emesiri
I miss Mene Jennifer
I miss Donye Abigail.

Ok! Ok! Ok!
I miss my other friends ( *clears throat *) that I didn’t mention their names he he!

It amazes me how Like turns into Loves
How Friends turn into Family (and some enemies)
How little could mean so much
I’m amazed at how the weight I feel in my chest is…
Life Sha!
It throws a lot at us, good and bad.

Well, I’m Going home, not knowing when school is going to open, not knowing when I’d see my Paddies again.

So Yea! Aside delaying my Graduation, aside making me feel miserable even before reaching home cause of Boredom, I have better reasons to Hate ASUU and FG and it’s: I miss my Friends, Sorry I miss My Family.