Why do people Cheat?

I was reading Chimamanda’s AMERICANAH sometime ago when I had this revelation (as I like to call it) about Cheating. Let me just say I was able to understand people better (this isn’t an excuse for cheating and it definitely doesn’t make it right but I gave me one more reason not to judge).

So why do people cheat? Or rather why do the most faithful of people cheat? By this I mean those men or women who have never thought about cheating before, who don’t look outside or compare their spouse to others, who have happy homes and love this spouse senseless but by reasons unknown to them find themselves flirting with, having sex with, or just going out on dates with someone who isn’t their spouse. Continue reading


Love or Nothing

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he said the only thing that can make him have a serious relationship is love, not physical appearance not intelligence not even spirituality just love.

I agreed with him, here’s why:
Love covers all. Love makes us able to overlook flaws. Love makes you stupid. Love is that force that draws you out and keeps you in. Love is the strongest yet most fragile feeling ever. Love looks beyond the imperfections and so only love can make you stay with someone forever and not walk away (or kill them).

We then decided that no matter how ‘perfect’ someone may be, if we dont feel drawn, if we dont love so much that it hurts, that their shortcomings matter no more, that it feels like we have to breathe the same air with him/her to live then we shouldnt marry. Continue reading


…Gone sour

•… There was a fight the other day
It felt good
Yeah! Jealousy means “Care’s and Love’s”
I felt Loved
Yeah! It’s okay to be mad,
If u feel I ain’t reciprocating as I ought•

•I want to make you happy,
I don’t want to hurt you,
Or make you feel less
I need you to be good with me,
I need to be a reason for your smiles,
Not an anger incentive•


•Today, it all went away.
Today, I got stabbed in my heart.
Today, it all felt wasted.
Today, I got wounded.•

•Your words made me feel bad,
Your words stimulated anger,
Is it not appreciated?
Is it not seen?
Really, You don’t feel it?
Seriously, you don’t know it?•


•I love you more than everyone else.
It’s cuts sharply when you insinuate something else.

Everyone else is jealous of you.
Makes me wonder why u get jealous of them •shrugs• •

I don’t how you want it


Today is A DATE in History.

…The Day you defined our relationship.
•Mentorship you said•

How could you feel that’s what is keeping me with you? •Kai! You said this one sha

It’s okay! No it’s not! •cries•

U sound like, nothing I’d say or do would erase that thought, So …

•but since you couldn’t read the messages on the wall… *zips mouth*•

It’s not okay for you to feel that way!

My fault for making you feel that way?
Your fault for misreading?
•Don’t care•

Your words though!!!
I Love you still…


My Love!!!

•I know we’ve never met face to face, but
somehow i feel i know you.•

-How our lives cross through the cosmos
and the events around us seem to unite,

-Is this fate? Or one of those things you
experience in a crossroad?

-I pick Fate. She’s one tricky lady but i can
sure bet she knows where our Peace lies.

And once we find peace, success would
surely follow and come along with

-Somehow i lost them, but knowing you are
putting an eye out for me means there’s
hope for me Yet.

-I can only pray that i do not hurt you as
i’ve do all that come my way.

But then again, i’m already making you put
out an eye for me.

-I do appreciate knowing you – For who you
are and what we have.

-A relationship quite different from other
relationships yet showing how relationships should be.

Not judged by what we look like or how
we sound or what we have or don’t have.

-There are precious stones for give-away
and there are precious to cling onto as the
Gollum would.

•I guess i found mine somehow, someway – though i know not where she is.•

-But i hear her name being whispered to
my ears, in the dark of night as the wind
slowly howls.

Just as the wolf howls to its long lost love
a full moon away, not knowing if he will
ever meet her.

-I write this, hoping the wind would take
this to where you are.

-I thank you for the strength that you are.
-I am grateful for the courage that you give to me.

-And i dare say i love you, without any
reason, though with deep reasoning given
Unto it.


Battle of Love!

-There are wars that you fight and
struggle to win
There are wars that you fight with
ease and victory stays certain.

-But this isn’t one of them, As victory
on my side is defeat to us
and letting you win means i lose you

-We fight and we fight yet we would not
end because we neither hope for a
winner or a loser

-This battle has taken all i have,
struggling and struggling over the

-I don’t wanna lose you yet having you
is a possession i can’t afford
and when ever i run away, i moon run
straight into you

-The hardest thing seems to be the only
right thing for me

-I guess there are certain people you
keep coming back to

-No matter how much they hurt you
they seem to be your only joy

-Looking and searching for another that
would have your heart
YET it must first be stolen from the one
who holds your heart – real close to

-Trust me, i know, i understand but i
must fight to my last breathe
AS this painful joy is all i have to fight

-If i had a better way i most certainly
will not take it, what then does that
make me? A fool?

-Yea! Love’s fool and lust’s prisoner…
I hate this!!!

I hate you but More So I love you

-I’m quite sure that even in this puzzle
and maze, that my soul is Drowned In somehow and some way

-I can trust that, i will not be
forever lost in this battlefield
Either I die in the end or I survive it

-This is my cause, my curse.

Justice Eneje


Rescued by God. Episode 13

“Baby, Your bath water is ready” Ray said as he panted me awake.
“Oh! Thanks!”

I tried standing up but my legs wouldn’t let me. Ray noticed I was having difficulty rising up, So, he lifted me and carried me to the bathroom and carefully laid me in the bathtub.

The warm water all over me was soothing and I closed my eyes for a second, to savour the moment.
Opened my eyes seconds after to see Ray still standing over me.

“The water is good yea?” He said
“Yea! Thanks. You can go now”
Laughing, Ray said “go where? I’m intend to wash you”
“Well… I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound okay”
” You shy!” He laughed
Continuing he said,
“Honey! We just made love. You need not be shy anymore (I have seen it all, Hell! I have been there already. He he!).
Now sit up, Let me get down to business”
“Ooo oookaaay!” I said with a sigh.

As Ray washed me, my mind couldn’t help but go back to the events of few hours ago.
At the thought, I felt myself get turned on again.
“Oh Lord! I’m hooked” I thought!

He finished bathing me, then he gave me a bucket of hot water containing drops of dettol antiseptic to sit on, while he went to the kitchen to get me warm water and salt to drink.

“These are for?”
“There are preventive measures okay. The antisepticed water would help heal any wound you might have gotten when I penetrated you, While the Salty water is to wash away sperm from inside you (hence preventing pregnancy” Ray replied.
“Ooh! Wow! Oh!”

Then, I obediently did as he asked.
Mehn! Sitting on the bucket of Hot antisepticed water wasn’t funny. It hurt bad, I remember jumping off the bucket at intervals, but, Ray was there holding and calming me down.

After which, He took me back to bed and we made love.
This time, I didn’t feel as much pain as the first.

•Well, The circle of making love, eating, bathing and just cuddling lasted for about three days. (Yes! For three days, I didn’t see the outside of my apartment).•
{Third term actually resumed on the fourth day, that was why we left the apartment. He he! :p}

After work that day, I called Deb and gave her Gist …
… “Hun! Please Be careful! Ray seems loving and caring and experienced. Which is good. But please Be careful and hey! I’m always here for you. Do take care. My regards to Ray.” She said as I ended the call.

The next two weeks passed without much highlight. Until, that evening when I realised I missed my Period.


Rescued by God. Episode 12

I couldn’t describe the feeling of his middle finger inside me – Thrusting and feeling – and at intervals, moving completely out to stroke my clit.

I felt totally out of control, I couldn’t understand what was happening, my whole body was quivering, I felt like I was erupting and all of a sudden everything stopped.

“Wow! What just happened? I managed to say.
“You had an orgasm.
You know what that is right?”
“Oh! Wow! So that’s how if feels to have an orgasm?
My friend’s use to talk about it.”
“He he! Yea! That’s it” he said.
“Ray, I love you” I said shyly
Smiling, he kissed me.

And it began again – touching, teasing, caressing and all.

This time though, as he was stroking my inside with his hands, he asked if he could continue.
•I think I said yes.•

He kissed me. From my lips down to my breasts, to my stomach and then my pubic Hair.
“Oh! Shoot! What is he about to do?” I wondered.
He went back up and came back down again, this time, as he got to my hair, he looked up at me, smiled, parted my legs and placed his mouth on my clit.

He kissed and sucked my vagina, stroking my clit with his tongue.
I was in Heaven, I swear! It felt too Good.
He kept at it for a while, I was out of control and just as I felt myself vibrating again, he withdrew and left the bed.

Came back with no clothes on. I became tensed immediately, His body was gorgeous but my mind was more on what was about to happen.
My mind kept telling me to stop, I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. Everything my Family told me as child came running back to my mind. The risk involved was too much.
“Stand up!” My mind said

But my body had a will of it’s on.
It kept aching and responding to every touch (even as my mind raced in panic).
“Oh mehn! Big trouble” I thought.

Ray sensed my despair and said, “Sweets! Relax ok! It’s Ray and I love you!”
“I love you and I’m trying to relax.
But… I’m scared” I whispered with a sigh.
“Oh baby” he said as he cuddled me
“Don’t be, I’d be careful and I won’t hurt you. Please Trust me.
… But, if you don’t want me to, I can manage” he continued

He looked sad as he said those last words.

The thought of Hurting Ray or him being sad because of me tore me apart.
“It’s okay love. I trust you” I said finally.

He kissed me, slow, sweet, taking his time to savour the taste of my mouth.
He touched my breasts, Sucked and teased my nipples.
Then, He touched me down there until I felt myself erupting again.

Next thing I knew his hot, hard member was in his hold caressing me down there, spreading my juices over the entrance and at the tip of this Penis.
Gently, carefully, he used his member to spread my wet lips as he pushed it forward, inside me.

The pain was excruciating, I wanted him out immediately but before the protest could leave my lips, he kissed me.
Kissed and touched me all over, with his penis still inside me (He wasn’t moving).

After awhile, I started aching, trying to get closer to him. As if he was waiting for me to, he started thrusting in and out (but not completely out). He was gentle.

Then I started making some strange noise.
At first it was barely audible mewing sounds but soon I was moaning louder, Ray increased the tempo of this thrust,taking his cock outer this time, pushing his cock deeper inside me.
He reached under me and stroked me in time with his movements against me.
Suddenly i was shouting out in ecstasy as I came.

“Oh God! Oh my! Yes, Yeeeaaa! Oh my Gooooooo…”

I screamed, My body shaking and my vagina clamped around his penis. Almost immediately, I felt his body vibrate inside of me.

Like a sleeping volcano, he erupted and released hot serum into me.
I was spent, exhausted, wired, hot. I felt great. Wow! The pleasure was nice (after that first jolt of pain though).
He got up, went to the bathroom, got tissue and cleaned us up.
After which, we slept off (nude) in each others arms.