Rescued by God. Episode14

Breathe girl! Breathe!” I kept telling myself

I was in disarray! I didn’t know what to think or to do. I wanted to call Deb but I didn’t know what she’d say, after she had consistently told me to be careful.
“Oh lord! Please Help”

I kept pacing, trying to think but nothing was making sense.

•Ray came and meet me in this state.•

“Hey babe! Wassap?”
” I missed my period” I said without preamble as I continued pacing.

“Oooo oh! Wwooow! Really?” He stuttered
“Yea!” I replied.

“Okay? Emmm …” Without completing his statement, He went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of water. After gulping down the content of bottle, he sighed and continued
“C’mon babe, take a sit! Let’s talk about this”
“Really? I’m very comfortable standing. Start talking”

“Oh! Okay! First, when was your period supposed to start this month?”
“Five days ago”
“Uh, does it ever fluctuate? Like does it ever delay?”
“No! My period is very stable and always comes on time or at most a day or two after”
“Oh my God!”
“Yea! My point exactly” I said with a shaky voice.

Six minutes later, He got up and said.
“I’m going to the pharmacy to get a PTT”
“Huh? What’s that” I whispered.
“Pregnancy Test Tube. Its something that you can use to Test for pregnancy at home.”
“Oh! Ok! Please be fast. I don’t want to be alone right down”

Ray got back almost immediately with the PTT.
“Please explain how it is used so we could do it now.”

“During pregnancy the body releases a hormone called Pregnancy hormone (also known as Human Chorionic
Gonadotropin, or hCG). This hormone can be found in a sample of urine.
When a woman becomes pregnant, the egg is generally fertilised by a sperm cell in a fallopian tube (conception). Within 9 days after fertilisation, the egg moves down the fallopian tube into the uterus and attaches (implants) to the wall of the uterus.
When the fertilised egg implants, the placenta starts to develop and begins to release hCG into the woman’s blood. Some of this hCG also passes in her urine. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, the amount of hCG in the urine gets higher very quickly-it
doubles every 2 to 3 days.”

“Okay, thanks for the info. Now tell me how this tube works.” I said with a hint of sarcasm

“Uh, You dip it into a sample of urine. An area on the end of the tube changes colour if hCG is present (indicating pregnancy).”

“Okay! Hand it over. Let’s get it done”
“Uh, Honey! It’s better to use the first urine of the morning.” Ray said.

“Oh Shit!”
“Yea! So, let’s just relax, breathe, have dinner and sleep. We’d do it first thing tomorrow morning.”
” You forgot to say pray” I countered.
“Whatever! Goodnight” I said.

•I couldn’t fathom how Ray could be so calm. Hissing, I walked away.•

“Babe, you ain’t eating?”
“I’m not!” I said as I went to my drawer, took out a sleeping pill and flew on my bed. I just wanted to blank out till the next morning.


Rescued by God. Episode 13

“Baby, Your bath water is ready” Ray said as he panted me awake.
“Oh! Thanks!”

I tried standing up but my legs wouldn’t let me. Ray noticed I was having difficulty rising up, So, he lifted me and carried me to the bathroom and carefully laid me in the bathtub.

The warm water all over me was soothing and I closed my eyes for a second, to savour the moment.
Opened my eyes seconds after to see Ray still standing over me.

“The water is good yea?” He said
“Yea! Thanks. You can go now”
Laughing, Ray said “go where? I’m intend to wash you”
“Well… I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound okay”
” You shy!” He laughed
Continuing he said,
“Honey! We just made love. You need not be shy anymore (I have seen it all, Hell! I have been there already. He he!).
Now sit up, Let me get down to business”
“Ooo oookaaay!” I said with a sigh.

As Ray washed me, my mind couldn’t help but go back to the events of few hours ago.
At the thought, I felt myself get turned on again.
“Oh Lord! I’m hooked” I thought!

He finished bathing me, then he gave me a bucket of hot water containing drops of dettol antiseptic to sit on, while he went to the kitchen to get me warm water and salt to drink.

“These are for?”
“There are preventive measures okay. The antisepticed water would help heal any wound you might have gotten when I penetrated you, While the Salty water is to wash away sperm from inside you (hence preventing pregnancy” Ray replied.
“Ooh! Wow! Oh!”

Then, I obediently did as he asked.
Mehn! Sitting on the bucket of Hot antisepticed water wasn’t funny. It hurt bad, I remember jumping off the bucket at intervals, but, Ray was there holding and calming me down.

After which, He took me back to bed and we made love.
This time, I didn’t feel as much pain as the first.

•Well, The circle of making love, eating, bathing and just cuddling lasted for about three days. (Yes! For three days, I didn’t see the outside of my apartment).•
{Third term actually resumed on the fourth day, that was why we left the apartment. He he! :p}

After work that day, I called Deb and gave her Gist …
… “Hun! Please Be careful! Ray seems loving and caring and experienced. Which is good. But please Be careful and hey! I’m always here for you. Do take care. My regards to Ray.” She said as I ended the call.

The next two weeks passed without much highlight. Until, that evening when I realised I missed my Period.