NO to Child Abuse.| The Girl child deserves the Best and More

Today I got a BC that said I should sign a petition against The senate Government for their approval of the bill allowing Marriage of Underage girls.

“What is this world turning into?
What is Nigeria becoming?”

•As I sit and think about this, Tears begin to drop.•

I started thinking of all the aspects of Child abuse, From Molestation, to Child Trafficking and now to Marriage of underage girls.

The society doesn’t have to bother only about what a child molested would be in the future, or the ills of child trafficking, now we have to bother about married girls who haven’t had the chance to undergo puberty, Girls who would start seeing their menstrual cycle in their husband’s house, Girls who would most likely have complications during labour, Girls who wouldn’t have the chance to interact with their peers in a normal capacity.

How is these generation going to be brighter and better if the children being raised are made to go through serious emotional trauma?

~~A molested child grows up to hate the sex that molested him/her or grows up thinking that he/she isn’t worthy or good enough and ends up misusing his/her body.
`The girls might hate guys and become attracted to girls, or they become sluts, feeling like they are not good enough for real love and relationship – they’d end up misusing their bodies.
`The guys would become sex maniac’s, using and dumping females, some would end up being gay because A female adult molested him as a child.
`And the one’s who are molested by an adult of same sex, has even more trauma to deal with.
If God doesn’t intervene, their future is drenched.
`A child who is trafficked forgets the value of life and self-worth. A trafficked child’s mind becomes fixated on money, they end up thinking that life begins and end’s with money and anything can and should be done with themselves or others to produce money.

This ills are still being dealt with. Laws haven’t been made, bills haven’t been approved. Measures hasn’t been adequately set in place to combat these and Now another has been added – the Marriage of underage girls.

Really? What are men looking for in children?
They don’t have developed Breasts or even vagina, so what sexual gratification do they get?
Is a thirteen year old supposed to be a wife and the maybe a mother? Really?

Nigerian would grow with this development?
What on earth are the law makers thinking?
Would they marry off their own underage girls?

So, females ain’t worth anything anymore in nigeria?

Education isn’t important? Food, Shelter, Good health, Emotional stability isn’t important anymore?
A girl child doesn’t need to grow up well like a male counterpart?

Girls shouldn’t go to school? They shouldn’t interact with kids of their age? They shouldn’t be allowed to be taught and seen through puberty by their mothers? They can’t be allowed to be naïve anymore at their teenage years?

Females are not integral parts of this country’s tomorrow?

Months ago, they signed in 14years Jail term for Gays and lesbians.
So marrying out young children isn’t as bad as (even worse than) Homosexuality? That’s what they are saying right?

I bleed in my heart for this kids that’d have to go through this.
I cry for this kids that won’t be able to fight, to say NO! To this abuse.

Please Nigeria!
Please Let’s help our Tomorrow.
Stop all forms of Child abuse.

The Girl child Deserves the Best and More.