Rescued By God. Episode 5

My first day at work.

Growing up,I always heard people say The world is a small place but I never understood what they meant until the day I resumed for my posting.

I Reported to where i posted and I was told I would be teaching Biology to SS1 students. I was introduced to the Head Of Biology in the school, Mrs Uzu, then I was introduced to other NYSC students.
I can’t explain to you how Shocked and dumbfounded I stood when I saw RAYMOND amongst the other corpers… I danced in my spirit, (and that was the first shocker!)

I later found out from him that he was going to teach Biology to SS2 students. He was going to take two Classes in SS2 (A and C) while I to take three in SS1 (A,B and D)

After a long day at work -taking instruction, doing introductions and copying scheme of work-, I Got the Second shocker…

It was time for closing and I was parking my things to leave when Ray came into the office we the ‘science Corpers’ (about five of us) were given to use as our staff room.

“Hey Love! We meet again” he said as he entered the office.
“Yes!” I said as we hugged.
“I can see you are getting ready to leave. Where are you staying?”
“One of the blocks of flat at 21 road here in Festac” I replied. “you?” I asked almost immediately
“Wow! You just they follow me anyhow” he answered back
“As in?” I replied confused
“I stay at Block C, there too” He said
“Oh wow! Mine is Block A” I replied excitedly
“Ok oo! Cool! you ready?, Let’s go home together. I’m with a car” he offered
“Oh! Sure” I said Smiling broadly.

And that was how It started.

In the morning he’ll come pick me up and We’d go to school together. After closing, we’d go home together.
Most times during lunch breaks, we’d go to KFC together (His treat as he always insisted). It was never a dull moment with him.
And then, during weekends, We went clubbing, golfing, sun bathing at beach,and shopping. In short, We had fun and did almost everything together. He even started attending my church too and he joined the ushering unit. It was a whole new world for me. I was enthralled.

I was in-love!.

We just got back from the cinema One evening, when as I was about opening the door to my apartment, he drew me back and kissed me softly on the lips.

I was scared for moment but then I remember Jason and all that transpired and I forced myself to relax.

His lips were Soft, warm and delicate against mine.
He didn’t rush, he didn’t probe, he just tasted and tasted, like he was trying to memorise the feel and taste of my lips.
As he caressed my lips more, I let out a little sigh and ached towards him, Giving him the opportunity to draw me closer as his tongue thrusted into my mouth.
His tongue was warm and at it’s taste, I felt shivers run down my spine. I ached for more. He must have read my thoughts because he tighten his grip on me, changed the angle of the kiss and increased the tempo of his stroke on my back and the thrusting of his tongue in and out my mouth.

” Oh! Wow!” I breathed, when he finally let me Go
“Yeah!” He whispered as his head dropped again, kissing me hard and Fast this time.

“I had better go. Goodnight Dearie” He said as he left.
All I could do was wave.

I got into my apartment, still breathing hard. Quickly took a cold shower and feel asleep right away. But with lingering thoughts of what happened outside my apartment.