How to Love

Wow! Her( Loony,the lunatic) stories always get straight to my heart.
Truth is love is too broad a topic: it’s amazing, it’s joy yet it’s pain and a lot of responsibility. It’s simple yet highly complicated. i know it’s not easy to love but it’s very easy. It takes strength to love, yet the weakest have the ability to love, but hey! love brings strength and it does heal hurt.

One thing of certain of though is, If you can love and accept yourself, you’d be able to accept and believe Someone’s love for you and you’d be able to really love others.

PS: God is the author and originator of love, hence, Him alone can truly break down Love.


Dear God 2 | Finding Inner Peace

yea! He has given us PEACE, the peace that passeth all understanding, peace that is not affected by situations or whatever is supping with us.
His love is one indescribable kind, His grace is forever sufficient and His mercy is continual.
Yes! Hendrix, i fully understand this peace.