Rescued by God. Episode 4

Raymond (I found out after much snooping around) was a graduate from the university of Ghana. Coincidentally he studied Microbiology too and he was the best graduating student in his department. He had graduated two years earlier but he opted to do his masters first, in Industrial microbiology at Columbia university, Columbia before coming back to Nigeria to Serve under the NYSC scheme.

Ray (as I began to call him later on) had intimidating looks, He was Tall, Dark, masculine in every way, He had grey eyes and dark curly short hair. The minute I saw him, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Mehn! The guy looked like a god. I was proud to have him as My assistant. With him by my side I knew we (my platoon) were headed for victory.

We became fast friends, We talked a lot about microbiology, comparing the educational standard of Ghana and Nigeria, Finding out why I decided to major in The Medicals and Him, in the Industrial. He gave me gist about Columbia, the school, the environment, the food, the girls etcetera.
He was an half-cast (partly Texan, partly Nigerian), So he talked a lot about his Texan Family.
Listening to him talk was Pure Bliss. He had a nice voice with an underlying Baritone. He was a good listener as he was a good talker.
I was In-Love in no time.
But I made sure I didn’t dwell or even accept that fact because camp would end and we might be posted to different parts of Lagos. I didn’t want such a strain to start a relationship. I wanted to date someone close by, very close by. Though, I might have considered it (because it’s Ray), I wasn’t going to because Girls were always flocking around him. Even in camp, it was like I was amongst the girls competing for his attention.

Camp did finish, we all went home for about a week, after which we returned to collect our letters of Posting.
I was Posted to Festac Grammar,Lagos state and I stayed in one of the Blocks of Flats at 21 road at Festac, Lagos.