The hardest commandment

I was ‘perusing’ My Bible and I came across Luke 10:27 “You must Love the Lord with all your heart and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF” and immediately my mind went to Matt 22:39 “and this is the second greatest (commandment) LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF”

Shoot! I have heard and read this scripture before but it just made sense to me (Rhema).
So with some ‘putting together’ of thoughts, I realise I’m actually supposed to love my neighbour as myself. Like I’m supposed to Treat my neighbour (Friends, Family, acquaintances, Church members, classmates, school mates, road-side person, hostel mates… Like every human being) like I treat myself.

So I’m like OMG! This is the hardest commandment (right?).
I will not kill, I will not steal or tell lies, I will not covet, I will not go against the commandments. I can decide not to do all the things God has commanded me to do successfully but how can I successfully LOVE another person, the same way I love myself?

How I can love that girl that is very rass the way I love myself? How can I love that boy that smokes and sleeps around the way I love myself? How I can treat the girl next door who doesn’t know how to talk, the same way I treat my best friends talk less of the way I treat my self?
Is it possible to love and care for everyone the same way?
Even among friends, they is the best friend. Parents have favourite children. Kids love either their mum or their dad more.
It’s seems ‘impossible’ to love a madman on the street or a prostitute, and now God is saying love them, not just love them but love them as you love yourself.

But hey! God is saying,

If you forgive yourself, then forgive others.
If you won’t hurt yourself then don’t hurt others.
Do to others as you want them to do to you.

One thing I know is that, God doesn’t leave his people stranded. If he gives a destination, he’d give directions. If he gives an order, he’d say how to go about it. He never leaves us stranded.

So yes! I know that he has given us the grace and everything needed to Obey this commandment!
Thank you lord.