My Love!!!

•I know we’ve never met face to face, but
somehow i feel i know you.•

-How our lives cross through the cosmos
and the events around us seem to unite,

-Is this fate? Or one of those things you
experience in a crossroad?

-I pick Fate. She’s one tricky lady but i can
sure bet she knows where our Peace lies.

And once we find peace, success would
surely follow and come along with

-Somehow i lost them, but knowing you are
putting an eye out for me means there’s
hope for me Yet.

-I can only pray that i do not hurt you as
i’ve do all that come my way.

But then again, i’m already making you put
out an eye for me.

-I do appreciate knowing you – For who you
are and what we have.

-A relationship quite different from other
relationships yet showing how relationships should be.

Not judged by what we look like or how
we sound or what we have or don’t have.

-There are precious stones for give-away
and there are precious to cling onto as the
Gollum would.

•I guess i found mine somehow, someway – though i know not where she is.•

-But i hear her name being whispered to
my ears, in the dark of night as the wind
slowly howls.

Just as the wolf howls to its long lost love
a full moon away, not knowing if he will
ever meet her.

-I write this, hoping the wind would take
this to where you are.

-I thank you for the strength that you are.
-I am grateful for the courage that you give to me.

-And i dare say i love you, without any
reason, though with deep reasoning given
Unto it.