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A dear friend wrote an article ranting about girls and “our wahala”, sincerely he sounded like someone whose girlfriend just dumped him and so he had decided to become gay but to make us understand his decision he wrote us the article. Anyway, I am writing this in reply to that article, to make him understand us girls better and hopefully convince him to re-think his decision on becoming gay.

Uhm, to better understand this I advice you read his post first, here—>–>http://www.ihendrix.tk/2013/11/rant-girls-women-femaleswhatever-your.html

1)We dey garden of Eden na im satan con convince Eve say make she chop the forbidden apple.
Every time I remember the story I dey wonder where Adam go, shebi man suppose protect woman? As Adam call eve bone of bone and flesh of e flesh, e mean say e suppose they care for am abi? So abeg where adam go? Shebi if e dey around the serpent for no get opportunity con poison Eve mind. I reason say e fit go dey watch the animals dey play and pursue themselves. I could agree and understand that adam needed time alone(everyone needs time alone once in a while) but Eve force am chop the apple? She tell am say if e no chop am den she go divorce am? NO OO she didn’t, so men should stop to they talk say na women make us comot Eden.

2)Not every girl likes guys with witty pickup lines. Personally, I prefer a guy to come meet me and be direct, but that no mean say you go con meet me for the first time begin ask me out o, buh you could definitely come and start up a conversation and at the end we could be friends then who knows? But if a girl wants you to use a pick up line, well what the heck? She prolly wants to see how smart u are. It isn’t a bad thing for you to work hard to make a good first impression.

And yea, you may work really hard (in your mind) in coming up with the pickup line but if it doesn’t interest and dazzle us, you getting no appreciation. DAH!

3)Dear friend, during a conversation every girl loves to hear their guy talk but more we love to have you listen to us when we talk. So you complaining that the girls you’ve been with wants you to be the talk active person kinda tells me that you haven’t been with real amazing girls. Conversation’s should never be one sided, it should be you talk and she talks.
When you with the right person though, you’d actually forget about who’s supposed to be quiet and listen and who’s supposed to be the talk active, why? Because you both will flow with the same rhythm (talk when it’s needed and share silence when convos’s aren’t necessary). So sweet heart, go find your right girl.

4)Smh! Smh! Smh! Smh! Not all girls will put up unnecessary kind of activities when they like you joor. Which kind girls you they meet sef. Your taste is so retarded. You definitely need to be more vesatile and diverse in your choice of ladies.

5) Hehe! Money isn’t the major ish real girls look for in a guy. We care a lot more about your character, vision, intelligence and stuffs like that but then it sure is an added advantage if you got cash and if you are cute, 6ft tall and with killer 6pacs you sure as hell got us.

You know during that time of ‘toasting’, you have to show us that you are caring and would love to hang out with our friends at times. So buying ice cream for me and taking my friend’s to KFC is kind of necessary but if I reject you after all that then it simply means you didn’t pass the test at the end. So go up your game.

6) Replying this your sex question is kind of weird for me but really when you were going down on her she force u? Did she tell you if you don’t give her head you guys would break up? So if you did it voluntarily why not allow her decide if she wants to reciprocate the gesture and if you didn’t do it voluntarily, well the same stunt she pulled on you should be the same you pull on her. SHIKENA.

Again again I ask the question, what kind of girls do you meet? What kind of girl will jonze her ‘boyfriend’ and give ‘it’ to another guy (except the other guy is the real boyfriend and you are the actual other guy).

7) Trust is a very essential necessity in a successful relationship. If I ‘mistakenly’ kiss another guy I could remorsefully tell my boyfriend but if it’s a habit (to cheat and then tell) then please break up with me if I’m your girlfriend. That said, you should be grateful your boo loves you enough to tell you her mistake but don’t you take it if she always cheat.

Aah yes! If my boyfriend gulps alcohol to the extent that he demands a bottle as a gift… (well I won’t even date him in the first place). So your babe should get your alcohol instead of something more valuable and something that could actually last? Well I guess I just discovered why you met lousy girls. You know like attracts like yea?

So so so! My dear friend I hope I have been able to answer your questions and convince you that the girls you have met are retarded (kind of enlightens me on your taste. Smh) and so you should re-think your turning gay decision and instead go out to meet real girls.

Before I go, one question. Why do you think that what makes sense to us will appeal to you? Guys slangs and mood of life is bullshit to us girls, so kindly keep away from our slangs like we do yours.
Yours’ sincerely

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My deepest Fear

What’s your deepest fear?
I’m scared of loneliness. I’m scared I’d have no one who cares around, I’m scared everybody would leave at the end of the day. I’m scared the one’s I love most would hurt and abandon me, maybe I’d stop being good enough.
I’m scared of being a failure. I’m scared I’d disappoint my mum. I’m scared I won’t be as great as everyone thinks, I’m scared the potentials we all see in me is just a fallacy. I’m scared I’d marry the wrong man. I’m scared I’d be a lousy mum, I’m scared I won’t be able to protect and provide for my kids as I should. I’m scared I’d walk out on God, maybe I’d just lose faith in God one day and become a mess, I’m scared God would get worn out from a life time of endowing me with grace and mercy, maybe he’d give up on me.
I’m scared I won’t be able to keep up, maybe my scars won’t get completely healed much less heal other’s wounds.
I’m scared of the future, of the unknown.

My fears and insecurity keep me up while other’s sleep. Sometimes I feel so much pressure I want to choke. Other times, I try so hard to make the best of the moment and sink in to depression when the efforts prove futile. I hate it when I fall short, when I allow the flesh take over, it sucks when I can’t control my emotions and sometimes I wonder why I have to try.
Why isn’t everything easy? Why do I have to study to have good grades? Why do I have learn and develop my skills and self? Why do I have to think and still have to control what I think about? Even keeping faith requires my effort and praying,renewing my mind and controlling my thoughts takes such a toll on me at times (I guess that’s why I’m truly human sha).

Okay, I don’t know why I’m typing all this. Maybe because, because, I dnt know. Sincerely I’m not sure.

I’m not perfect (not even close). I’m still a work in progress and it hasn’t been a bed of roses. I have my insecurities and fears too. Hehe! Sometimes when I read a comment on my blog, or get a mail or a ping, mention or whatever about how great I’m doing with my blog I just feel *sigh*, well I feel really good, appreciated, mostly humbled and grateful to God for his work in me but sometimes I feel I’m totally not worthy, like I shouldn’t be able to write, it just feels like a lot of work and responsibility and when I look around at the people who look up to me, I get really scared, I’d prolly fail everyone of them.

I really dunno why I’m writing this, I prolly won’t publish sha.

Right now, I feel like a mess. *Deep sigh* am I the only one having serious down times? Please am I?

Okay, I hate sulking, so I am about to change my thought pattern. Think positive peace. God loves you senseless, he has put people in your life who care about you and you have people looking up to you cause you can handle it, you are up to the task.
-‘m great!!
A great mind neva been encountered…
I am!!!
I affect everything +vely cos…
the God-factor I carry cnt be hidden…
Oh yes!

You know, I always try and make effort to stand up and be better. I don’t Know what tomorrow holds, I have no idea how my future really would be. Oh! God assures me that if I stick with him, my future is going be to more awesome than I can handle hehe but I dnt have the details and because it’s a step at a time (a process) with a condition (stick with God) I get scared I won’t b able to keep up.
Well, I have decided I’m going to leave above my fears and make every moment count, I’m going to be happy and feel whole at every point and step on my way.

You see, our fears just come to paralyse and limit us. Satan feeds our minds with these things so we won’t achieve and become what God wants us to.
Jesus has given us, given me victory over satan and so I can (have) conquered all my fears via Christ.

I may have does crippling thoughts but I won’t dwell on them.
Satan may ‘try’ to get me to fall in sin and if i fall,he would try to make me wallow in guilt, hence creating a distance between me and God, but I have decided not to let him have his way.

I have victory. God is on my side. I have found my purpose and passions and I’m going to stick to them.

I’d study because If I fail I’d feel worse and I’d disappoint my mum.
I’d study my bible and pray because the only time I feel really loved,secured and whole is when I’m in the presence of God and I believe satan knows just how much God loves me that why he’s trying to keep me from God’s presence and shower of affection.
I’d keep being the best friend I can be, even if people don’t love me back, I’d won’t give satan the satisfaction of me hating anyone, keeping grudges or not caring because I feel it won’t be returned.
When it’s time to date, I’d go as the Spirit leads, knowing he won’t led me astray. When I have kids, Jesus would help me raise them as I can.
Basically, I’d always do my best and allow Jesus take care of the rest.
I’d do God’s will, fulfil purpose and use my passions and gifts and scars to inspire, love, heal and make people the best they can be.
And those looking up to me, I have decided that I can’t disappoint you. I know how it feels when those you look up to walk away and disappoint and I won’t do that to you, nah! I’m not that cruel.

I think I just figured out my I’m writing this. James 5:16 says ‘Confess your faults to one another …’

I know that we humans need eachother, we were created to depend on one another. I can’t grow in isolation, keeping all my faults and fears to myself would only give it more room to grow stronger in my heart (wow! That’s a first).
I’m not perfect, never would be. I’m still a work in progress but the work is definitely progressing (wow!). I’m going stronger and I’m becoming better and I won’t let my fears control me. I’d live above my fears, above my sins, above my guilt, above my scars, above my past. God doesn’t lie and he has promised me that exceeding glory would be revealed in me.
The ideas and desires and passions and gifts and POtentIals I have are God given and hence I believe he’d see them to a finished, perfected, desired end product.

I combat my fears why believing the best. Fears are beliefs too, so I change my beliefs to that of positive ones.

I don’t know if this post would mean anything to anyone (I hope it does sha). I just hope someone out there decides to put satan to shame, to live in victory and to not let their fear control and ruin their lives but to convert it to a positive driving force, one that drives you to be everything your fears tell you, you can’t be. One that pushes you beyond your ‘limit’ so you can achieve heights you never would have dreamed about.

Decide with me today, to live above our fear.

Writing this just gave me confidence to stand up, I hope reading this helps you out too. Much love

Eheh! I didnt proof read this, so what you just read is a first, very sincere draft. Forgive the typo’s.