Better late than sorry

I’ve been single for a while now. The thing is; amongst my friends, i’m the only one still single and of recent, they have all been mocking me. They seem to believe I do not have what it takes to get a girlfriend. Uhm…dont get me wrong. When i say “girlfriend”, I don’t mean just any girl to sleep with. I’m talking of a girl i will be committed to as she will be to me.

Now, i’ve been given three weeks to get a girlfriend if I want to keep my ego intact. Unfortunately, I accepted this challenge.
This is Week two, nothing has been achieved but I have stopped to think and i realized, The Idea of being in a relationship is so beautiful and rosy that we forget what is important and what is not in our lives.
From my previous relationship, i learnt that relationship is only fun to be in when you really enjoy being with your partner.

Three weeks to get a girlfriend??? To me that’s a hell of a short time. Little wonder we have problematic relationships everywhere. People just jump into the thing.
I believe the way to keep the adventure and romance in a relationship is to take it each day as it comes and not rush into it.
TIME; the one real prerequisite for a relationship. If you recently met someone you’d like to meet again, call and let him/her know you are interested. It is important to give each other time to decide what you want to get into. Time to know each other better, after a couple of dates/hang-outs. If the respond is yes, make plans. If not, move on.

Knowing this, I asked myself “why are you still single?”
Here’s what i came up with.

1) Fear of commitment: I think i am being too careful and i don’t want to jump into something i’d regret.

2) Perhaps I haven’t met the right person yet 🙂

Some other persons may either be lacking courage or just want to remain single but not me…I’m a flirt by default. *Winks*

As i was still thinking to myself, i heard these words “BETTER LATE THAN SORRY”.

Never rush into a relationship.

Written by Gabriel ogigirigi (@snoopyslogg)


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