Love or Nothing

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he said the only thing that can make him have a serious relationship is love, not physical appearance not intelligence not even spirituality just love.

I agreed with him, here’s why:
Love covers all. Love makes us able to overlook flaws. Love makes you stupid. Love is that force that draws you out and keeps you in. Love is the strongest yet most fragile feeling ever. Love looks beyond the imperfections and so only love can make you stay with someone forever and not walk away (or kill them).

We then decided that no matter how ‘perfect’ someone may be, if we dont feel drawn, if we dont love so much that it hurts, that their shortcomings matter no more, that it feels like we have to breathe the same air with him/her to live then we shouldnt marry.

Who wants to have to tolerate their spouse 10years into marriage?

Now I ain’t saying don’t look out for qualities you can live with, I’m just saying dont settle for less than love.

Personally, I know I cant ‘like’ someone that doesnt have certain qualities and attributes, like we can’t attract or have meaningful convos or even be close friends (because like attract like, birds of same feather flock together, iron sharpens iron etc) and I believe it’s same for you too.

So, if i find two guys, one 70% want i can live with, the other 90% but i have the most feelings for the guy with 70%, I’d go with him because my feelings are stronger and i believe we can both build eachother to a 100% besides God communicates with also via our feelings too. Dont settle for less than love.

Love conquers and covers all.
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