Memories are made every moment, some last longer than others, some are more intense but i have come to realise that with time all memories fade, though the intensity of the fading varies depending on how much and how often we always try to recall.

Maybe one day you’d reach for a memory like I did yesterday and discover that it’s blur, you’d try so hard to get the vivid images but you may not find it and then you’d wonder if it was your imagination all along.

Still, I dont think losing a memory is as hurtful as not having a new one (a better one) to replace it. #change #death #brokenrelationships.

Even as I realized this, I said “all is well, life goes on regardless and so I’d just try to make every second count, to make good memories so even if it fades over time one can still remember that it was good and hold on to the fact that though the details are blur, the tiny bits says it was good”

Life goes on regardless,  so be happy.


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