Rescued by God. Episode 9

I decided to do both!
I’d continue giving him as much attention but I’d refrain from any form of intimacy until I was certain He loved me.

I slept afterwards.

Woke up the next morning, feeling wired.

“What a night I had!” I said aloud.

Still on the couch, I picked up my phone and called Deb.

“Good morning love! How are you?” She said as she picked my call
“Great! Sexy! Amazed! In-loooove!” I replied
“Oh wow! That’s uhmmm, good. Give me the full gist.” She inquired

I then proceeded and told her everything that’s been happening with raymond.

“Oh my Gosh! You’ve been having fun while I’m suffering here in sokoto. Wooh! Finally, you get to experience life. I’m so happy.” She said
“Lol! Thanks” was all I could reply
“Well, Love, Go with the Flow. Don’t relax so much and allow this love slip away” she told me
“But, I want to be sure” I said
“I get. Uhm, okay! Do what your heart tells you but make sure you don’t lose Raymond. He seems the guy for you and Sweetheart, please Be Careful” she advised
“Okay! Thanks a lot hun! It was nice talking to you.
I’d call again soon, then you’d tell me all that’s been supping with you”
“Kk! Bye love”
“Yea, take care” I said and ended the call

So, I finally left the couch. Went to shower first and made breakfast. Was in my second cup of tea, when my door bell rang.

“Come in” I said
“Good morning sunshine” it was Ray!.

On seeing Ray, my whole being lighten up.

“Good morning, Had breakfast?” I asked
“No ma’am” he replied
“Ok” I said and proceeded in making him Tea, served it and gave him with toasted bread and jam.

“Thanks” he mouthed as he began to eat.

“What a lovely creature” I thought, as I watched him eat.

He finished and helped me clean up the kitchen. Afterwards, we left to the sitting room.
He sat beside me on the couch and was about to start kissing me when I moved away.

“Ray, I’m confused. What are we doing here?”
“I don’t understand” he replied
“We go out together, We kiss and stuff, we talk for hours but I’m not still certain what’s happening here. You’ve not officially asked me out”
“Oh! Baby, I like you a lot. I’m almost in love with you. That’s what’s happening here”

“Great!” I thought to myself. “He’s ALMOST in love!”

We spent the whole day indoors, Talking, watching movies and just talking.

The holiday came and went. I spent most of it with Raymond. We did kiss occasionally but that was it. I wanted time, for him to be sure he is in love.

Second term went without so much highlight, although Staffs and even Students of Festac Grammar School had already tagged I and Raymond as an Item.


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