Rescued by God. Episode 8

I was still trying to assimilate that fact when he swiftly lifted me from the ground with my legs straddling his waist. I gasped and almost started struggling but I remembered the incident with Jason and I started to relax once again, crossing my fingers instinctively, trusting Ray.

He carried me to the couch all the while kissing me. He sat down with me on his lap, still straddled.

“Relax love, I won’t do anything you don’t want” he breathed as he took my mouth in another episode of tasting and caressing.

By this time he had completely removed my bra and was able to use both hands to cup my breasts, stroking, caressing, and fondling them.

Touching my nipples were just the highlights, and as he dragged his mouth away from mine and nibbled on my ear, I felt shivers run down my spine and couldn’t stop soft moans from escaping my lips. Then he released me lightly, pushed me backwards and took his tongue down from my ear to my neck to the space between my bosoms.

“Oh shit” I thought

Before, I could comprehend, his tongue had already flickered across my nipple, I swear I almost jumped off him but my legs were weak and his hold was tight and most importantly, I really didn’t want to leave paradise.

He immediately started nibbling on my nipples, sucking my breasts much as a child that was starved would do. He sucked the right and then the left and his hands replaced his mouth each time he left one of them. “Oh! What pleasure”.

The region between my legs already ached real bad and I had already began to grind him when he suddenly stopped all motion.

“Ww wwhhh wwhaaatt’s wrong” I stuttered

“Nothing, but we have to stop now, otherwise we won’t stop at all” was the reply he gave me.

“Oh!” I exclaimed

He just lifted me off him and placed me on the other side of the couch. I was shy instantly as my shirt was completely off. I quickly reached for my shirt and wore it. By now, he was at the door.

“Goodnight dearie” he said and quickly dashed out.

I couldn’t do anything, I just laid on the couch, Breathing hard, trying to playback the event that just happened.

“Wow! I can’t believe myself” I muttered

•At that moment, I confirmed that I was terribly attracted to Raymond and yea! I was In-love with him.
I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Ray was a good guy, I knew he liked me but I wasn’t sure if he loved me.
What was I going to do?

Continue with the Flow or take a break?


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