Rescued by God. Episode 7

After that day, nothing intimate happened between us. We just got back to our normal routine like nothing happened, much to my dismay though.

Exams came in school and we became very busy as we had to set questions, invigilate. the exam and mark scripts. So, when the term was finally over, we had course to celebrate.

On that last day, I and Raymond alongside the other youth corpers took ourselves out for lunch at TFC and then to the club. We had so much fun, everyone was drinking and dancing. I danced a little and drank less as I wasn’t used to alcohol at all.

At about 11pm, I asked Ray to please take me home. I wasn’t comfortable being out that late. He obliged and we left the club.

We got to my apartment and he asked to come in. I made for us coffee, of which Ray ended up with three and half cups after which he excused himself to the bathroom.

“Dearie, Thanks for the Coffee, I should get going now” he said as he came out of the bathroom.
“Sure, You are welcome.” I replied him warmly

I went ahead to open the door, and just as I was about to turn the knob, he dragged me backward (turning me to face him) and instantly enveloped my mouth with his.

“Oh my!” I thought.

The kiss was hard, fast and It was like he was starved of my lips. His soft lips were caressing mine as he used his tongue to moisten my lips while stroking me on the back. His hands roamed from my back, reaching down to cup my buttocks. I let out a sigh, allowing him more space to thrust his tongue inside my mouth.
His tongue was stroking and roaming every corner of my mouth as he was constantly changing the angle of the kiss, deepening it as a result (I did feel like he wanted to enter inside of me using the oral).

His hands never stopped roaming my back and he cupped my behind every time he needed me closer to him.

I was already breathing very hard – hence I was pleased when he let me go for a second in an attempt to catch his breath.
*whew* I thought!

“Oh baby, Your lips are to die for” he whispered as he caught my lips in another round of intense caress.
As he kissed me this time, I felt like I was going to drop as my legs were already weak, My hands were grasping his neck, touching and caressing his curly black hair.
I was aching, the gap between my legs felt moist and it ached more when I felt the budge in his trousers.

“OooooooH MmmY!” I thought to myself

I couldn’t even think straight anymore.
He released his hold on me and I thought it was over, only for me to feel his hand on my Breast.

I totally melted. (It was a first).

His hand began to stroke and just lightly caress my breast. I was in paradise. It felt too good. When his finger stroked my nipple I let out a sigh, he kissed me harder again and continued stroking. I felt myself erupting. I was out of control. This was nothing like I had imagine. I had no idea my breast could make me feel so much ecstasy like I was at that moment.

He cupped and stroked and squeezed my breasts, switching from the left to the right and back.

I was lost in the moment.
Only later, did I realise I was leaning against the door and my bra was out of place….


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