Rescued by God. Episode 6

I woke up a little late the next morning and my first thought was about what had transpired outside my door the previous night.
I felt my cheek go Red with blush at the thought and I instantly began to tremble.
“Get your mind straighten young lady” I thought to myself.
Then I quickly had my bath, took a cup of coffee, dressed and was ready when Ray arrived at my door to pick me up.

“Good Morning Ray” I said Shyly
“Morning dearie, You ready?” He asked
“Yea” I replied as I made my way to the door

I was disoriented through out the short trip as my mind kept going back to last night’s activity. I don’t know but I think it was same with him too because he didn’t talk as much as he normally did. It was like one of those awkward moments.

Anyways, We got to school and focused on the day’s activities. During break he came to pick me up and We left school together to KFC for lunch.
He ordered spaghetti and gizzard with 1L pack of hollandia yoghurt each, for the both of us.

“So, wassup?” Ray said? “How was work today?”
“Ehn! As Normal, Stressful but Fun though. I just love those kids, especially the ones in SS1A, they are smart and funny …”
I kept on rambling about my day until the waiter brought our food, Then I had to keep quiet and eat (Something Ray always insisted on).
After the meal, we stayed at the table a little more to continue our talk.

“So, I’m listening. You were telling me about your day.” He reminded me
“Oh! Well, I have given you the major ish’s. You talk to me now” I replied
“He he! My day was normal joor, no interesting ish. I’m more interested in talking about uhm…” He paused
“About what?” I inquired
“Sure you want to hear it?” He asked back teasingly
“Why not?” I replied
“I want to Kiss you again” he said quietly

At Hearing him say those words, I felt myself gulp what seemed like a gallon of saliva.

“Uhmm, ooooookaaay!??” Was all I could reply him
“Last night was just Epic! I have never tasted any lips like yours’ before. It was soft and succulent…. I swear I couldn’t sleep when I got home, my mind just kept wandering back to you and the kiss. It was the Best ever. I really want to Kiss you again and again and again, Like till forever…. I’m sorry if I’m talking out of line but I just needed to be honest with you, I just need you to know where my mind is dwelling on” He said in a rather quick succession

After another round of saliva gulping, I finally was able to open my mouth.
“Oh wow! I don’t know what to say.” I said shyly.
Uhm, I loved the Kiss too and I like your lips and uhm… I really don’t know, but …thanks for the honesty” I finished with a sigh
“Let’s Go home” Ray said smiling.

So, I got up and he followed suit. He opened the car door for me and placed a kiss on my head just before closing the door.

My Heart was beating faster than normal. I just wanted to get home really quick and collapse on my bed.
He entered the car and just before turning on the ignition, He leaned towards me and kissed me Softly on the lips but before I could respond, he immediately withdrew and started the car.


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