Rescued By God. Episode 2

I got back to school and changed.
Not bad change, I just became more free, more open and more approachable. I started listening to my friends talk about relationship more than I used to, though I always shied away when sex came up cause I didn’t want to take chances. I became less rude and blunt when dealing with males (this was a surprise to everyone) and in no time, I had lots of males friends.
Wow! Guy’s are Fun I most say, little wonder why my friends always have guy’s around them.

Immediately I became more receptive, I started noticing how cute my MD in church was. I could say Jason was my only male Friend before my change, and that’s because I am his assistant Music Director, As such we had to talk, meet and discuss music and the growth of our choir and then academics.
With my change, we drew closer and he asked me out.

I agreed to date him. “Yes!, I have a boyfriend. He’s tall, dark, smart, caring, he sings, he loves God (means no intimacy yea?)” I felt good.
We started dating and it was nice. Jason was a real gentleman, he thought me lots of things, we had Fun together. I really liked him.

One day, (about six weeks after I agreed to date him) we went to his room after rehearsal (as we do at times). On Getting there, He went into the bathroom to freshen up while I put on the TV and DVD to continue a Film I didn’t finish last time I was there. He finished bathing and then joined me in watching the movie. The movie eventually finished and we got talking, I was trying to explain something to him when he kissed me (that was my first kiss ever!).
I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just remained Still,waiting for him to finish up, but he didn’t stop. It was getting more intense, I was already tasting his tongue, my hands were now around his neck and I began to feel weak in my legs as his hands were roaming my back. “This is how sex starts in movies” I thought to myself. I was scared,began willing myself to break away and was having difficulty succeeding until his hands touched my breasts. I found myself screaming and running for the door.
Jason was shocked, embarrassed, annoyed, but mostly shocked. He stopped me in my tracks and I shouted at him to get back and not come close.
“Did I do something wrong?” He asked
“Just open the door and let me out” I whispered in highly shaking voice
“But baby, I can’t let you go out like this, you look like you just escaped death. And I’m not sure if I did something to hurt you”
“If I did,I’m sorry but please don’t go like this” jason cried
“I’m fine, just let me Go”
Resigned, He opened the door. Before he could say J-A-C-K I had started for the street, got there and found a bike immediately.


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