I’m In Love

I wake up Each morning with you in my thoughts.
I sleep only after you have spent a minute (or two), sometimes An Hour (or two) in my thoughts.
My day always has you as an integral part.
My thoughts always comes right back to you.

My past looks wasted because you weren’t in it.
My presence is never whole without you in it.
My Future looks bleak without you in it.

My deepest Down’s are caused by you.
My highest Up’s are caused by you.
My most annoying Frown’s are caused by you.
My most genuine smiles are caused by you.

When life tends to be in circles, you become my circumference.
When life goes really straight, you are like my parallel.
In it all, I find you somewhere.

I wonder how we got here.
Few months ago, if I was told You’d mean this much to me, I’d have strongly disagreed.
I don’t how I could Love You this much.

The depth of my attraction for you WOW’s me!
The intensity of my passion towards and For You is scary!

Dealing with you is …
Coping with you is …
Loving you, has been …
Yea! Yea! You make me lost for words.

I don’t know if this thing we have would last forever,
But I know I’d love you forever.
We might not be there for each other at the long run,
But Distance and schedule won’t take my love away.

We have had times, Good and Bad alike.
We have made memories and memories (Oh! Some memories tho! *clears throat*).
… Things that have Stuck for eternity.

Sweets! I don’t how tomorrow would be for us.
I do know that somewhere along the line, Some things would stop.
Buh, I know That’s it’s you and this is a love that won’t ever quench.

I’m IN LOVE with you.
I can’t say confidently, that I like it but I know I can’t Help it.


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