A letter to God 3

Dear Father,
Hallowed be your name. May your kingdom come. May your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Grant me mercy as u endow me with sufficient grace to also show mercy and care.

Lord, the last time I wrote, I was pleading with you to purge me of all that isn’t you-related, I was begging you to edify and cleanse me.
Now, I’m writing to say
“Thank You, Thank you lord. Thank you so much for answers to my prayer.
Even with all that transpired last night, I woke up this morning with PEACE, A kind of unexplainable Peace, A Peace that indeed Transcends my understanding. Lord, I feel like you’ve given A closure. Father, you have given strength and the needed grace to Fight against it, to stay strong, to forget and not dwell on it.
I can’t explain how I good I feel. I feel like I can do all, I can carry on. Your presence feels me, Your Love makes me Strong. Aaah! Father!
Once again, you’ve proved to be God. You answer prayers, You are a God of evidence. Father, I Thank you.
Thank you for the courage to carry on.
Thank you for proving again that You’d always be there and that I can and will go through anything successfully, that I come out strong of every and any situation.
Bless you father.
I am just Saying Thanks.


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