Short Prayer to God

This is a new Semester
My 2nd semester in 200l
My 4th semester in Delsu
By the end of this semester, I’d be done with Half the time I’m spending in this Varsity.

Sighs! School hasn’t been easy!

I’ve seen things. I’ve experienced things. I’ve had fun but I’ve also cried. I’ve been down and yet I’ve been super hyper. I’ve be Trusted, I’ve been Tested. I’ve been manipulated and I’ve manipulated. I’ve made friends and lost friends. I’ve heard rumors (of people and of me). I’ve had to deal with issues. I’ve developed a relationship with God and the Holy spirit but I’ve also had my Faith shaken. I’ve seen and experienced attraction (at it’s peak). I’ve made friends for life. I’ve admired and oh yes! I’ve been admired. I’ve been depressed and I have made peeps depressed.
Hehe! Delsu, Abraka! My Hostel! Mehn! I likey though. It’s been great and it’s been a stepping stone.

As this semester begins, I say this Short prayer to you Lord,
“Father, God Almighty, My Lord, My Helper, My Friend. I love and Worship you, Today, tomorrow and forever. May your kingdom keep growing. Have mercy on me, forgive, blot and forget all my sins – the deeds, words and thoughts. The known and unknown sins.
Lord Jesus, I ask that this semester be my Best Semester Yet. May Favour pursue me, May Grace become my first and last name, May your Glory radiate in and on me, May my light •your light in me• shine so bright, May I water dry places, May I be the salt to add taste to tasteless places, people and things, May everything I do, touch and think be fruitful, May I act and speak and think according to your will.
Lord, Endow me with all I need to do your works. Envelope me with Strength and courage, Discipline and Determination. Let your Purpose locate me.
I’d attend all classes, Do all Assignment, and participate in every practical. I’d meet and interact with the right people. I’d make the right friends. I’d have the strength to carry on, no matter what. I shall encounter little or no UNNECCESSARY complications.
In my hostel, you’d guide me, protect me, keep me.
In Church, you draw me closer and closer to you. I’d be friends with people that’d elevate me spiritually.
In class, I’d be the best. My little efforts would produce great and mighty results. I will understand and remember all I am taught and all I read.
Give me tolerance. Give me the spirit of individuality and uniqueness. Give me A focus and A purpose. Bless me. Give me directions. Speak to me always lord. Guide me. Give me strength and grace and mercy.
I shall attract the right people and things. I shall have all I want.
I am a wonder. I am a sign. I am an evidence,source and manifestation of your glory. Purpose is locating. No limitations. I can DO ALL. My mind is expanding. I am growing.
Physically, spiritually, socially and academically I am growing and become better.
Thank you father for this and more in Jesus Name. Amen.”


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