A letter to God 2

Dear Father,
Writing this, I was tempted to ask how you are, Then I remembered I’m writing To you Lord, God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Of everything seen and unseen, the God that Heaven is his Throne and Earth his Footstool, The Lord above All lords, The Greatest of the greatest, The God that a 1000years is but a day to him and a day is as a 1000years, The God of All Grace, The God of Everlasting Love, The God of continual Mercy. Oh! Yes! Father, You are fine, More than okay and You still looking out for me (Thanks).

Uhm, you know I love you right? I love you so much, I adore you and want to always worship you every second with my being. You amaze me, I’m mesmerised By your greatness, fascinated by Your Love and Charmed by your Being. I love you to pieces. My soul cries out in Thirst for you (everytime). My heart is yours’ Oh lord!

You’ve been faithful, You’ve been steadfast, You’ve never failed but Lord, I’ve failed so many times, everytime. Lord, You’ve seen me, seen my depth (all my flaws and sins) but you still love me. Everytime I back-slide, whenever I fall, You are always eager to take me back and pick me up. You’ve made sure I always obtain mercy whenever I ask for it.

Thank you Father.

May your kingdom grow, May people glorify your name continually.

Ok! Father, I love you, you’ve given me grace upon grace upon grace, All the grace I need to carry on, All the grace I would ever need in life, You’ve blessed me with treasures, You’ve endowed me with every single thing I’d need in my life’s journey.
You’ve given the strength, perseverance, and Grace to withstand all Challenges, to go through all trials and temptations, To jump over all obstacles. I know Lord, That I can and will come out of all trials, temptations and challenges strong and victorious.
But, I’m writing this Lord, to REMIND you that you said. “You’d never leave nor forsake me, that you’d always be there to guide and see me through, that I’m more than a conqueror, that because you love me, I’d rise and shine greatly, that because you are God, you’d blot out my transgressions and forget my sins but that most importantly lord, You’ve said I shall not be smitten and that YOU WILL NEVER TAKE AWAY YOUR GRACE and I will always find solace, bliss and mercy in your arms”

Father, You know me better than I know my self. You feel what I feel more than anyone else.
Hence, I’m certain you know how much you mean to me, how much I want to live for you and Father, I know you know how I want to get RID OF this ISH. I want to BE PURGED of this Feeling, this craving, this SIN. I want to Be fully edified. Jesus, Help me get away from this, Help me Stop this.
It’s eating me up, It’s draining me, It’s going to ruin me, it’s making me ‘extrally’ stubborn, it’s making me lose Focus.
Father, I don’t want to defy your Spirit, I don’t want to DEFY your SPIRIT, I don’t want to DEFY your SPIRIT.
With a crumbling heart, with teary eyes, I write this to you to say “Father, ERASE it from me, PURGE it of me. I want no memory or feelings of it no more. Take it away, So I Can Serve you as I OUGHT TO”

From your daughter


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