Happy 20th TO Layefa

Hey love…
1st, I’d say ” Happy Birthday. I wish you long life and prosperity, I wish you the best life has to offer, I wish that all your dreams come true.”

When I first knew you, you wanted to kill me (hehe, Yea! Its true,you remember right? :p ).
Then I felt you didn’t like me and mehn! I was scared of you because whenever we managed to see, you gave me the ‘I’d Kill you soon’ sign.
I remember running to Jay and telling her “omo! Jay, Layefa wan kee me o! Like I swear, she always gives me either a warning sign or a kill u soon sign. Mehn! That babe they scare me die'”.

Then, I went home for a week and you, Jay and Ejay had bounded. I thought it was awhile thing but it wasn’t, so I (we) had no choice but to start talking.
I must admit, I didn’t like you so much at first (well… because I had to share my friends with you #memories hehe), and I found it tough in my head to get use to you always being around. *sighs* I did resign and got use to it (I didn’t still like you so much, I just accepted you).

Then 2nd semester ended, found out you stayed in Benin (like me).
…Somehow, Somehow, we ended up going home together (I think that’s when our friendship started shey?).
Then my Grandmum’s burial came, I needed a friend to come sleep over at my crib since I’d be alone and I asked you and you accepted.

The rest is history!!!

Now, You a very Important person in my Life.
You’ve been a blessing (and a curse… Hehe! No mind me o, Just kidding). I’ve learnt so much from you (I doubt you know that right), most important of all is ‘How to love (with so much endurance and tolerance) and how to be a little more patient’.
Mehn! You’ve been a trial, you’ve given me headaches (and heart aches too), you’ve made me laugh stupidly, you’ve also made me cry, you’ve listened to me when I really needed it, you’ve cared (oh! Your care, it’s a virtue), You taken my bullshit.
We’ve seen ourselves at our worst and best, We’ve gossiped together, eaten together, played together and Prayed together. We’ve quarrelled but All in All you remain my baby and I love you to bits.

Your big heart is amazing, the way you care is thrilling, Your babyness is … Cute and annoying, Your attitude, Your patience, Your Love, Your friendship is just ‘Muah’.

Summary is, YOU ARE an AMAZING Person and I love you senseless.

I know sometimes I maybe hard on you, sometimes I annoy you, Other times you wished it wasn’t me you loved as much, Most times I make you do all the errands, I know I make you ache but I LOVE YOU STILL and I want the Best for you.

I know they are times I act like I don’t care, times I’m very impatient with you, times I make you wanna break my head then yours, I know they are times it seems I deliberately hurt you but truth is I just LOVE YOU to PIECES.

Hey! Don’t you 4get the times I’m very sweet and the times I make you laugh or the times we don’t quarrel at all or the times we just ‘unintentionally’ decide to pick on each other and don’t you ever 4get the times we tear Jay apart, when we tirelessly give her headaches and make her ‘reduce’ (lmao).

This is just to tell you that I really do care and love you and that I only want what’s best for you.
I want you to get out of your comfort zone and explore – just the way you started to play games and enjoy them, that’s how I want you to try out new stuffs, get more hobbies.
I can’t wait (well, I can but you hurry up) for you to discover yourself, I can’t wait for when you’d have your own choir, I can’t wait for you to have so much money that you’d buy new stuffs everyday. I can’t wait for you to really ‘perfectly fall in love’, I can’t wait for all your desires and wishes to come true and most of all, I can’t wait for you to have a consistent,intimate and amazing Revealing Relationship with God.

Ok! I have tire to write…

HAPPY 20th love…
Have an amazing birthday and Life..
Wish You LLNP.
May all your desires come true and may all God’s promises be fulfilled in your life and may Us ‘four’ forever remain this close.

Yours’ Always.

Ps: From my heart, No proof Reading was done sef…


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