Being awhile my anger moved me to tears.

*sighs Deeply*

I get angry over a lot of things, some tiny, some huge and most times (before) I blow up, you know like literally explode immediately someone gets under my skin regardless of who it is or who’s around.


I’ve grown up.
I learnt to curb anger.
I’ve learnt that anger is terrible, destructive and kills.
I’ve learnt control and how to just bottle up things.
I’ve learnt that anger limits and it destroys my happiness.
I know now, that anger kills and hurts me more than the person I’m angry at.


I blew.
I erupted.
I exploded.

Shit! I hate inequality… Don’t tell me you could do whatever you want to me and get away with it cause you older or because you have more money or rep than I do or because you are male and I’m female.

I hate it when I do something to you and over and over again you tell me how much you hate it and then after I have stopped doing it, you go ahead and do it to me and feel no remorse.

I hate when you in my space.
I hate when you act like I’m not there and when I finally get engrossed in something, you come and be all up in my face (when you just acted like I’m not in the room).
I hate injustice.
I hate when you feel you know me too well (Hell! You don’t, Nobody knows me enough not even me!!! Yes! I said it. Dah!)
I hate when you Lie to my face (directly, Shit! Just sucks #annoying).
I hate when you really don’t care about my feelings and you expect me to care about yours (mtcheew).
Whao! Okay! I’m done listing.

Thing is I’ve been trying so much to work on my anger issues but mehn! There’s a limit na…
I just got over the rock today and erupted, I was so angry that when I was talking and vetting my ish I was literally shaking and my eyes where red (chai! Anger sha).
And when I finished, took a deep breath and I felt zapped, like totally drained.
*hisses* Anger is nonsense o, it kills truly and I hope not go there again in Jesus name. Amen


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