a Letter To Rosamond

Hey rosamond,
We haven’t met, maybe we never will but I wrote this from my heart and I wish and pray it blesses you.
Take it as a Foundation and work with it throughout your journey, I’m very sure it’d help.
I love you and I hope ‘some how – some how’ you get to read this..

PS: I put it here only because I feel you’d need it as a reference. Incase Chisom goes far away or you somehow can’t find the printout, its always here. Takia and have fun reading and discovering.

…The saviour of your soul
The Gate to eternity
The way to true love
The light of the world

Bringer of salvation
Healer of your soul
Cleanser of your sins
Epitome of holiness

He is the one that tore the veil that separated you and God
He is the one that paid the price for your sins and its consequences
He is the one that intercedes for you
He humbled himself to be sin itself when he actually knew no sin. (What manner of love is this?)

He has brought you EVERYTHING you need.
You will receive them ONLY if you BeLiEve and Trust in him ‘Alone’.
He knows it won’t be easy;
Life would happen, Friends would happen, Family would add their own But he promises to be there for you EVERYTIME,
… he promised that ‘The sun won’t smite you by day nor the moon by night, he said ‘he’d preserve you by day and by night and like mount zion, You’d abide forever,”
Rosamond see; He’d never give you more than you can handle, If he brings you to it – he will surely bring you Through It. If you get to the edge, he’d either teach you to fly or he would catch you when you fall But he will NEVER leave you stranded. (Amazing right?)

He so is in love with you that no matter what you do, he’d love you still.
He feels for you. He feels what you feel and more.
He understands what no other person will.

He has given you the Holyspirit (without limit) to interpret and teach us all things.
He has endowed us with Abundant grace and steadfast continual Mercy. (Bestest Gifts ever)

He will NEVER leave nor forsake you.

He longs to gist with you…
To teach you..
…Teach you to live
To love
To pray
To talk
Teach you how to be YOU.

He Is my best friend,
Rosamond won’t you make him yours too?
He is the friend that would be there when no one else is…
He’d love you, care for you and protect you even when you shun him.
He knows you better than you know yourself.

Have fun with him as you discover the power in You and the great and mighty things you could do. Bless!

Your newest friend
Much love.


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