Mighty enough to save.

Life is Beautiful.
Life is Sweet.
Life is Full.
Life is simple.

Life is complicated.
Life has too many chaos.
Life brings too many tears.
Life is hard.

Yes, Indeed Life has two sides – the good and the bad.

If we are lucky, we are born with a silver spoon, go to good schools, have the best of everything – Life is Rosy.
If we are not, we born to a family that struggles. We could be fortunate to be in one that tomorrow looks promising or be unfortunate to be in one that would/might remain stagnant for forever (well, till a miracle happens).

Uhm, after infancy and childhood comes the teenage and youth years which ‘almost’ inevitably determines how we’d end up.
We’d get to school,make friends (friends that’d either make or mar us). We’d have lots of experiences, these experiences (and mostly our reactions and decisions concerning them) would tell our future.

We could get lucky again, and have things favoured and rosy (with or without being silver spooned).
We could be unfortunate and have things really hard,we might have nasty and traumatising experiences and issues to deal with. We might bend, break and cry. We might have to deal with lots of chaos, trials and temptations.
Now, At this point, is where most people
remember God.
But… Majority – of those who have neglected him all through their life – would be afraid when to call on him for help. And even those who call won’t have enough faith and believe that’d he’d be WILLING and ABLE to help them out.

Lie! The God I serve, the mighty man of valour, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the rose of sharon Is able and willing to do ALL.
He is a God that NEVER fails, with him ‘IT IS ALWAYS WELL. He answers all prayers, all you need do is ‘ASK’ (matt 7:7), in fact, before you finish asking, He’d answer you ( isaiah 65:23).
He would never leave nor forsake you. Whether you believe in him or not, he is there with you and when you believe and trust in him only, He’d preserve you by day and by night, He’d make sure sun doesn’t smite you by day nor the moon by night. See, just like mount zion, you’d abide forever.
He’d provide for you and protect you.
Cast ALL your cares on him. Nothing is impossible with God -absolutely NOTHING.

It doesn’t matter what you have been through, it doesn’t matter what you are going through. The Lord would pull you through, his angels are guard over you.

Fear not. He’d save you.
He’d do for you more than you think he can.
Don’t be afraid, he is your friend even when you aren’t is.

God never gives us more than we can handle or bear.

PS: even though things have been rosy, and you think nothing can make you feel sad just remember that “A man has nothing expect it be given him from heaven” and that humans would always fail but God never fails.
He never condemns, he always saves.
He’s always willing to help.

God is mighty enough, he is the Almighty. He’s the only one that can truly, purely and thoroughly save.


One thought on “Mighty enough to save.

  1. love d creativity and concept… Too long to do a video with tho.
    Nice 1 keep it up!
    God is might to save indeed!

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