A letter to Trinity

I have tried starting this letter a thousand times but I dnt know what to say. I want to talk to My Father ‘God’,My brother ‘Jesus’ and My Best-Friend forever ‘Holyspirit’ via My pen but I don’t know how to put my thoughts and prayers,pleas, and Thanks down.

You know better than I know myself,You know Before and Predestined Me when I was just concieved,you are too conversant with my thoughts,So it kind of seems meaningless writting this to you. Still though I am going to write,knowing that you like things reiterated to you(that’s the aim of praying right? You want us to talk with you,ask things from you,Tell you how we feel right? If though you know all Things #reiteration).

Uhm, Dear God,
Pardon me ok, I’m just going to write as it is in my heart.
Ok! I love you,I love you soo much and my greatest Wish is being very close-as close as you allow-to you. I want us to be intimate,Let’s have long conversations,let’s commune,play,Have fun. I want these and More and I know you are entirely always willing to grant me these If only I’m READY2accept it right God? You see,In my Heart I’m too ready but you know na,Life always messes me up. It messes with my head,My thoughts, It just makes me let you have the back sit #sighs, I’m sorry ok. I’m sorry I rarely have time for you,I’m sorry I only run to you and get close when I’m in trouble and need a lifting up. I’m sorry I ten to forget you when everything is smooth.

But most importantly, Father I’m Grateful. I Thank You, Thank You for your Grace that you have made sufficient. Oh! Father,Thank you for Your Mercy,Thanks that everytime I come short of Your Glory, and you still accept me back and Love me the same. Father,you’ve seen the depth of my heart,you see the evil and see how bad my thoughts and daydreams could be but yet,You never leave me. Thank you so much God.
Father,in your I commit my spirit still. Uhmmmm! U see,I know I just apologised and all and logically it means I’d stop ignoring you but guy you know naw, I’m freaking human and so I’d err again. So please just keep being God and Loving me still.
You my father all the time.

Bros J! Hehe! Jesus, My friend. I love you sha. Accepting you and believing in you has brought me so much Light. I dnt even know what to say to you. I just want you to know you mean a lot to me. I can’t have a relationship with Dad(God) without you. I dnt think Dad,would even listen to me if not for you.

Whenever I think about your pain at the cross,Mehn! The ish you had to go true because me, Christ Its You o! Haah! You Try, and the promises you brought for me Its Amazing. I know you are still alive,interceding for me as you are sitted besides Father. I’m certain and totally convinced that nothing would ever seperate me from your love. Jesus,Its you. You are awesome. You are my friend. I love you. Please continue being there.

My bestie of Life! Choi! You rock. You’ve been there,if when I didn’t want you around. You my conscience,My instructor,My interpreter,my helper, Holyspirit,You are my friend. Sometimes,I wonder how I got along life when I didn’t have you. Your gifts are beautiful. The things you doing through me,helping me with even I can’t comprehend.
Keep teaching me more. Keep keeping me on track. Thank you so much.

My Dad,My Bro,My Bestie, Please never leave, Stay with me and perfect all my imperfections. Keep manifesting!
Help me Love and know you guys more. I want a more personal relationship with you guys teach me your truth and teach me how to live my life. Make me realise and remember daily that my life is yours. Give me strength and courage to worship and live by your word.
Lotta loves guys. You Rock.
Yours’ forever



3 things in life that never come back when gone:
– Time
– Words
– Opportunity

3 things in life that should never be lost:
– Peace
– Hope
– Honesty

3 things in life that are most valuable:
– Love
– Faith
– Prayer

3 things that make a person:
– Hard work
– Sincerity
– Commitment

3 things that can destroy a person:
– Lust
– Pride
– Anger

3 things in life that are constant:
– God
– Change
– Death

3 people who love you and who will never leave you alone:
– The Father
– The Son
– The Holy Spirit

I ask God to do these three things:
– To bless Us
– To guide Us
– To ALWAYS protect n preserve Us.

PS:this is not originally mine. Someone sent it to me,I liked it and I felt you will to (u did right?). Lotta love



After Music,pictures is the next thing that gets to me. Pictures speaks. The colours fascinate,the lights lighten me up,the Moments – oh! The moments that are frozen in time (Memories) – speaks,its makes me laugh,teary or sad or all of the above! Oh,The one’s with words on them -like these I am sharing with you guys – they Speak,they get straight to my heart,my mind, My head. Truly, this scribbled letters makes me stop,ponder and Feel.
Uhm,its been awhile I was here. Now I’m back I just feel like I should start by sharing a few of my ‘New’ Favorite pictures. Enjoy!Learn!
PS:Missed you guys crasy!