Jesus – The answer to all problems

I feel worthless.
I feel ruined.
Life can’t be great anymore.
My bright future is now gloomy.

There’s no coming back from this.
There’s no light after this.
I’m done – Life is over with me.
I’m broken – Can’t be repaired.

I wish it never happened.
I wish I could erase the memory.
I wish I could feel just a little bit better.
I wish something could give me an iota of hope.

If only I listened.
If only I hadn’t allowed the circumstance define me.
If only I had looked beyond the present.
If only, if only.

I’d give anything to right things.
I’d do anything to make thing better.

My soul cried “Father have mercy”
God answered “Whenever you come boldly to my throne of Grace to ask for Mercy, You shall receive it”

My soul cried “I’m sorry for driving you away, Come back and help me”
God answered “sweetheart, I never leave you nor forsake you”

My soul cried “Father,I can’t get out”
God said “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

My soul cried “But I’m not worthy to still be called yours, I’m stained already”
God said “haah! Child, My Grace is sufficient for you. Daughter, I have forgotten all that happened. Daughter, you are as white as snow to me now”

I cried out loud “So, how do I do it now?”
God answered, “the answer is in Jesus, if you don’t understand his parables, the Holy spirit which is in you already would interpret for you.”
He said, “You can do all things, cause the power in you through christ Jesus conquers all.”

With tears still in my eyes, I got off my bed and began my new walk with Light.

If anyone can get me where I’m supposed be, to help me fulfil purpose, To aid, To lift me up when I fall its Jesus. He doesn’t condemn – He just saves.

Yay! He is the only person who has seen the depth of my heart and still loves me. He is the only one that’d be my friend when I’m not even his.
Alas! If he could leave his throne in all its glory and come to earth to become sin just for my sake, then I believe he’d do every other thing for me.

It doesn’t matter what you have been through, He doesn’t care what you did in the past. When he comes in, everything would fall into place, you’d have rest on every side.
Forget the past, accept the light and the future would be better than you ever imagined.


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