RANT|Boys, Men, Male what the ‘F’ is your Problem?

I read a post of ‘thathman’ (http://thathman.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/rant-girls-women-females-whatever-your-problems-are/) saying how bitchy and stupid females are. This is to correct his thoughts.

Guys, we want you to be disciplined,principled and gentle-manly (that’s all). It’s really sweet when you quickly move up front to open the door for us and when you open the car door for us (before entry and Yes! Before exit). Now is that too much to ask? Now, what is wrong in wanting you crappy creatures to act right? Or is it that majority of you are just not “MAN ENOUGH” to open ‘common’ door or to wait for a Female to pass through first?

What’s wrong in using our feminine charm,embracing our sensitivity and vulnerability (not as weaker vessels which we are not,but as creatures who are not afraid to accept and show their feelings). Though we are more susceptible to feelings all that emotional gibberish, its does not mean that we should be the one’s to ask out. Yes I may like you but I have pride and ego also. Traditionally (in nigeria at least), ‘Na Man dey run after Woman’, so No nigeria male has a right to want a girl to ask him out first. We even know that, girls who are desperate or ‘bold enough’ to ask a guy out first, end up regretting it ,because they are taken for granted in the long run.

Its general knowledge (though no one likes to admit it) that women can do whatever (like what so ever) a man can do. Fighting to protect our rights and trying to make you little minds (the male species) realise that we are all equal,that no one is the weaker vessel, is not in any way an element of insecurity. Its knowing our worth and not allowing any one trample it. Personally, any guy who is threatened by females protecting their rights or thinks that our fight is cause we can’t handle our own is obviously not man enough to deal with females in position. So sorry dude, hope you grow up soon.

Seriously, guys need do something to you thinking. Thathan, what is wrong in managing a career and a home? I do not fault your thinking though, because it’s obvious, the females ‘you’ know are not able to manage a career and a home (No offence,but you should advise your sisters and female relatives to not bother about school. You know they should be house wives ever!).
Now, being a rational person,i actually do not support neglecting the home and kids (totally) because of a job. So instead of telling us to remain at home forever,advise those you can, to go for less stressful careers. If a woman can’t perform her marital duties, that’s a personal issue between the couple (don’t generalise).
And yes! Males generally have loose pants. No matter how good a woman could, you people would still carry your ‘yeye’ selves and date someone outside. (Prayers highly needed for you people)

No smart person on earth would expect you to be able to read their mind (well,except they are certain you have superpowers). But, naturally, as life and God has made it, the more you spend time with people,the closer you become, the better you know the person and the greater your chances of predicting them right. So, if you can’t understand the females very close to you, it’s your fault. Deal with it.

Let’s go to the bible; right from time, women do not shave (barb) their hair. So yes,this generation of females may be too engrossed in fashion, wearing brazilian, Caribbean, indian hair and all that ish, but I bet you, males of this age are freaking attracted to this things. If you barb your hair now, they’d say you are being a tomboy which they see as a ‘NO NO’

Okay, I’m done with trying to influence and correct your highly faulty thoughts.
Bottom line is, Most females have better attitudes and a brighter future that their male counterparts.
So instead of bitching around and calling us names, go work on yourself and please for the sake of the next generation, Pray for yourselves.

In reply to thatman’s http://thathman.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/rant-girls-women-females-whatever-your-problems-are/


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